Both the editor-in-chief of "Al-Mujtama" magazine Mr. Salem Al-Qahtani, and the Director of Public Relations Saad Al-Nashwan, visited this morning, Tuesday, the Qatari Embassy in the State of Kuwait.  They met His Excellency the Qatari Ambassador Ali bin Abdullah Zaid Al Mahmoud to present him with the latest issue of the magazine (November 2022), which includes a file on the World Cup in Qatar, under the title "How can Muslims invest the World Cup in Qatar?".

For his part, the Qatari ambassador welcomed the visit of Al-Mujtama magazine, praising its role in highlighting the organization of the World Cup in Qatar.

The ambassador also praised the cultural and awareness role of "Al-Mujtama" in serving the nation and defending its causes.

Ambassador Al Mahmoud touched on the official and popular relations between Qatar and Kuwait, stressing that both Kuwait and Qatar are one people and have a shared destiny, recalling the essential and influential role of the State of Kuwait and His Highness the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may Allah have mercy on him, during the Gulf crisis.

In turn, the editor-in-chief of "Al-Mujtama" thanked Mr Salem Al-Qahtani, the Qatari ambassador, for the warm reception, stressing that organizing the cup in Qatar is in the interest of Kuwait in particular and the Islamic world in general.

On 11 October, Operation EUNAVFOR MED IRINI conducted an inspection of the merchant vessel MV MEERDIJK off the coast of Libya. The ship was found to be transporting vehicles modified for military use to Libya suspected to be in breach of the UN arms embargo.

This is the second time IRINI’s seized a cargo in implementation of UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2292 (2016) in less than three months. One of the European military vessels operating in the Central Mediterranean Sea for Operation IRINI detected the ship on its way to Libya. Upon Operation IRINI’s request, in accordance with UNSCR 2292, the Netherlands, as the ship’s flag state, gave its consent without delay for the inspection and, on 11 October, a boarding team was sent on board to verify the nature of those vehicles.

The boarding team discovered dozens of military vehicles shipped in possible violation of the UN arms embargo on Libya. In line with the Operation’s mandate, the vehicles were seized and the ship was diverted to a European port for further inspection. Following the inspection by the UN Panel of Experts, the vehicles were disembarked and stored ashore.


Since March 2020, Operation IRINI has carried out 25 inspections at sea in accordance with all relevant UN Security Council Resolutions authorising the inspection, the diversion and the seizure of the cargo of arms and related material when found on board of merchant vessel heading for Libya.

All UN members are called to cooperate with such inspections. Since the beginning of the Operation, only one nation has denied on nine occasions its consent.

Operation IRINI continues to support, effectively and impartially, the implementation of the UN arms embargo on Libya.

Source: Operationirini 

The "Waqf Al-Nour" in the German city of Hamburg will launch the "Germany International Holy Quran Competition", from November 11-13, with the participation of 33 countries.
The general supervisor of the competition, Dr Talal Hadi told Al-Mujtama magazine that the competition of the late Sheik Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, which is held under the patronage of Sheikha Dr Suad Al-Sabah from the State of Kuwait, is dedicated to memorizing the Holy Quran in European countries. We are about to launch the competition a few days later in Hamburg.
Dr Talal Al-Hadi explained that this competition stems from an interest in the Holy Quran and seeking to encourage Muslims to memorize and work with it. He drew attention to the fact that the competition aims to leave a strong faith impact, preserve religious identity, and educate young people on Quranic values and morals.
Dr Talal Al-Hadi explained that this competition stems from the interest in the Holy Qur'an and seeks to encourage Muslims to memorize it. He drew attention to the fact that the competition aims to leave a strong faith impact, preserve religious identity, and educate young people on Quranic values and morals.
Hadi indicated that the competition would receive guests and participants from 33 European and other countries, in addition to international arbitration committees from various countries.
Hadi called on everyone to participate and contribute to the "Germany International Holy Quran Competition" because of its educational, faith, fraternal and social impact, and to preserve the religious identity of the Muslim community and new Muslims in Europe.
The branches of this competition include memorizing the entire Qur'an provided that the contestant's age does not exceed 30 years. Memorization of 15 parts and the competitor's age should not exceed 25 years. Memorization of 10 parts, the competitor's age must not exceed 18 years, and memorization of 5 parts for those who do not exceed the age of the contestant 16 years.

By Syed Ali Mujtaba

New Delhi: A report by Delhi-based think tank Lokniti-CSDS and Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Stiftung finds that 46 % of Hindus and Muslims who follow various media sources perceive news coverage of PM Modi as biased.  They also believe that the Modi government is portrayed too favorably in the Indian news media.

Only about one in five news consumers responded that the media in India gives balanced political coverage and said, neither is it too favorable towards the government/opposition nor is it too unfavorable.

The report is released on October 20, 2022, and is titled ‘Media in India: Access, Practices, Concerns, and Effects.’ The report used data to show how different communities are consuming news and how the media landscape is transforming in India.

Media Trust Deficit

“Muslim news consumers are less trusting of the news media than Hindu news consumers says the report. It adds, their trust levels in private news channels and AIR news is quite low and both communities trust the online news websites the least.

‘But people have bestowed trust on government services and websites for information and Doordarshan news channels and media still remain the most-trusted, among the religious communities’ says the report.

The extent of the trust deficit also depends on political leanings. “Those leaning towards Congress and regional parties are less trusting of all types of media, compared to those inclined towards the BJP. Congress supporters are, on average, the least trusting the news media reports,” finds the report.

The findings of the report are based on a sample survey of 7,463 Indian citizens aged 15 years and above, carried out in January this year across 19 states and union territories, excluding parts of the Northeast and Kashmir.

Television vs Smart Phones

Television, by and large, remains the most popular medium for accessing news across the country. The report found that social media, though the game changer in the media landscape because of access to information, has come with its own baggage, as it heavily depends on smartphone ownership.

Regional vs National news

“News consumers in the cities stand out in their preference for nonlocal news. They consume national news more compared to news consumers in towns and villages. Those residing in villages take the least interest in national news. The report also highlighted how people in cities were more interested in national news than what is happening locally. The report sums up that as urbanity increases; interest in national news also increases.

The strongest preference for national news was found among news consumers of Delhi and Haryana. Rajasthan too leaned more toward national news. In northwest India, the survey found consumers prefer national news more than local news. As far as state news is concerned, it was most strongly preferred in Assam, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh. In south India consumers are inclined towards hyper-local and international news, says the report.

Supporters of Political Parties and News Consumption

There is a stark gap in trust among supporters of political parties in news outlets. Patterns of news consumption differed among supporters of the ruling BJP and opposition parties. The report claimed that most readers of English newspapers supported the Congress, while consumers of Hindi news seemed to incline towards the BJP. “The proportion of individuals that mostly read the newspaper in English is around 3% but among this tiny segment, the Congress enjoys the most support. This is not the case among readers who read newspapers in other languages,” says the report.

Surveillance Issue

The respondents have divided the issue of the “ethicality/morality” aspect of government surveillance of content on social media. “45% of social media users believe there is nothing wrong with surveillance and 40% believe it is wrong. Active users of Facebook and ‘What’s App’ is the most likely to be concerned about their privacy being compromised. Single active users appear to be the least concerned about their privacy being compromised while using these apps.

Google and Yahoo enjoy trust when it comes to privacy-related matters. Social media companies on the other hand are divided on the trust for privacy issues. Those who trust are 37% and those who do not are 38%.

The perception that the government monitors people’s online and phone activities is strongest among active internet users of North West and North India. Many in South India gave a qualified answer that the government monitors only some people, not all,” says the report.

Fake news Issue

The report also looks at the dissemination of fake news. Participants of the survey accepted that they received and forwarded news items and messages that may not have been entirely true.

“Nearly half of active internet users and social media and messenger platform users admitted to having been misled by fake news or information online at some point.”

“Around two-fifths of active internet users and social media users admitted to having shared/forwarded misinformation at some point of time; i.e. they unknowingly and unintentionally shared/forwarded fake news and realized later that it was false.”

The more educated respondents were “more likely” to admit to having been misled by fake news than the ones who weren’t, simply because they remained unaware of what they shared being fake.” reads the report.


Kuwait has launched a national campaign to fight drugs through awareness, control and treatment, in addition to providing sites for the treatment and rehabilitation of addicts in complete secrecy through the best national cadres with the help of international cadres.

The Cabinet has said, in a statement after its weekly meeting yesterday that the launch of the campaign comes to protect young people from this blight and its devastating effects on health, security and social aspects.

The statement indicated that the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Community Development, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of State for Women and Child Affairs, and the Public Authority for Youth, have been assigned to implement this campaign.

The statement stated that the Council of Ministers had also decided to assign the Minister of Health to present the appropriate scenarios for the establishment of private clinics for the treatment of drug addicts. Those clinics must provide the best-advanced treatment methods, based on the government's interest and awareness of the serious risks associated with the drug scourge that contradicts the teachings of our true Islamic religion.

The statement also pointed to the government's keenness to support the efforts made by the Ministry of Interior and various state agencies in order to confront this scourge and contain its devastating effects on the individual and society.

The statement indicated that the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled gave a comprehensive presentation of all dimensions of this dangerous social scourge based on the statistics and data on drug victims of deaths and addicts. He also provided statistics on the seized quantities of narcotics and explained the methods used to smuggle and promote them inside the country.

He added that Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled also presented the ministry's plan to develop efforts to eradicate narcotics and psychotropic substances, treat and rehabilitate addicts and provide them with health care.

The statement added that Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled also presented the ministry's plan to develop efforts to eliminate narcotics and psychotropic substances, treat and rehabilitate addicts and provide them with health care.

Source: Al-Mujtama Site (Arabic)

Read the Item in Arabic

Two weeks after being chased by the Zionists, the Palestinian youth who fired at the Shuafat checkpoint, Uday At-Tamimi, was martyred, last Wednesday, after an armed clash he carried out against the guards of the “Ma’ale Adumim” settlement, east of the occupied Jerusalem.

Activists circulated a video clip showing the exceptional bravery of At-Tamimi as he engaged in a pistol clash with the occupation soldiers and the security guards of the settlement.

This operation provoked wide reactions, and the name of the martyr "Uday At-Tamimi" topped the social media platforms, amid the great celebration of this operation, which resulted in the injury of many settlers.

Historical Operation

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), for its part, mourned, "Its martyr, the chased hero, Uday Kamal al-Tamimi, from the town of Anata in Jerusalem." to the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nation.

Hamas said: "This new operation, and the heroism of At-Tamimi, and his insistence on resisting the occupation, fixes the pillars of our people's revolution against the criminal occupation. It sends a message of defiance to the occupation from the heart of Jerusalem, warns the occupation state of dark days in which its soldiers, guards of the settlements, and herds in our pure areas will be targeted, and turns its tyranny and arrogance into a farce by the hands of our heroic resisters."

Hamas added "The men of Jerusalem who write the epics of glory and set an exemplary example in confronting the occupier despite its advanced security system and military measures, are fighting for the sake of Al-Aqsa Mosque. They are the ones, who affirm its sanctity and affirm the right of our people in Al-Aqsa Mosque, as a mosque purely for Muslims and the occupation has no right in it forever."

The political analyst Yasser Az-Zaatrah wrote on Twitter: "A wonderful victory scored by the hero Uday Al-Tamimi (the hero of the Shuafat checkpoint operation)."

Az-Zaatrah added, “It is the starting scene of the hero Uday At-Tamimi who fought his enemy until the last bullet; not caring about the volley of shots penetrating his body.”

He continued, "This is the beginning, because the martyrs are alive in heaven with their Lord, receiving provision."

The Secretary-General of the Jordanian Islamic Action Front Party, Murad Al-Adayleh, said: I could not bear to see the video. This brave man gets injured, then gets up and shoots, then gets injured and then shoots, adding: His martyrdom pained me... This young man is the promise of God and his Quran.

In his comment, Al-Adilah cited a Prophet’s hadith, “A man asked the prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him), Which martyrs are the best? He said: "Those who face people in the first row and do not turn their faces until they are killed, those who are wallowing in the high paradise rooms,   your Lord laughs to them, and if your Lord laughs to a slave in this life, He won't be held accountable on doomsday.

The writer Ahmed bin Saeed said, wrote via his Twitter account: “This clip in which Uday At-Tamimi is fighting the occupiers until the martyrdom, reminded me of Hollywood myths and movies.

“The valiant hero got off,” with this phrase, the Palestinian activist Muhammad al-Madhoun began his talk, describing At-Tamimi’s operation as a “historic scene.”

Al-Madhoun wrote on Twitter, "Write in his biography that this heroic guerrilla Uday At-Tamimi (21 years), son of Al-Quds, carried out a heroic operation. He disappeared from the occupation, dazed and perplexed them for ten days.  Then he appeared and carried out a second operation in which he clashed alone with the occupation until the last bullet, until the last breath, and then he rose as a "Toil! Never recoil!" martyr.”

Radwan al-Akhras pointed out on Twitter that the "Israeli" security and military services experienced ten days of failure during which the spy planes, helicopters and numbers of soldiers, officers and dogs mobilized to find one Palestinian young man named Uday At-Tamimi after carrying out the Shuafat operation. Nevertheless, he took the initiative to go out to them and bypassed their fortifications to confront them in a historic clash. 

Journalist Turki Al-Shalhoub said: Uday Al-Tamimi is a new icon of the Palestinian steadfastness that has not and will not end, and another proof that these people will abandon neither their land nor our Aqsa.

Al-Shalhoub added: “Those who insist on death as some insist on life. Those are the ones who chart the path to victory, and those about whom Allah Almighty said: (Of the believers are men who are true to that which they covenanted with Allah. Some of them have paid their vow by death (in battle), and some of them still are waiting, and they have not altered in the least; (23). AL-AHZAB.

Al-Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour also wrote: After the occupation army failed for 10 days with all its capabilities to arrest him, The lion came out of his den, Uday At-Tamimi, to confront the occupation soldiers. He faced them with extreme courage and continued to fight "Toil! Never recoil! "in a rare heroism published by "the Israelis" to confirm his death. Nevertheless, its publication came as a confirmation and honour for his heroism, which will be immortalized in history forever.  

The former Kuwaiti parliamentarian Nasser Ad-Dawela wrote: May God have mercy on Uday At-Tamimi, and we ask Allah to place him in the highest paradise, he and his companions, who raised their weapons in the face of the occupying enemy, so they fell like glowing stars that illuminate the sky of glory and history.

 Dakheel Al-Khalifa wrote on Twitter, “This is exclusive prowess for the Palestinian people that no other people can own”  

After the operation, large crowds of Palestinians went to the house of the martyr Uday at-Tamimi, and the West Bank rose, in support and appreciation of the heroic martyr Uday at-Tamimi. While the national action factions in Nablus and Tulkarm (in the northern West Bank), called for a comprehensive strike in the West Bank and Jerusalem, on Thursday 20th Oct. 2022, as part of revolutionary activities in honour of the martyr.

On October 8, the martyr Uday At-Tamimi carried out a shooting attack at the Shuafat checkpoint in the occupied city of Jerusalem, which resulted in the killing of a Zionist soldier and the injury of others.

Martyr Uday At-Tamimi wrote a will after carrying out his first operation at Shuafat Checkpoint, in which he said: "My operation at Shuafat Checkpoint was a drop in the roaring sea of struggle. I know that I will be martyred eventually. I know that I would not liberate Palestine with the operation, but I carried it out with a goal in front of me, which is that the fruit of the operation is that hundreds of young people will take up the gun following my example.  

The most prominent commando operations

In just less than 7 weeks from (March 22 - May 6, 2022), the occupied Palestinian territories witnessed 7 commando operations that resulted in the killing and injuring of dozens of settlers, the most prominent of which are:

On March 22, 2022, the martyr Muhammad Ghaleb Abu Al-Qia'an (34 years) went out to carry out a stabbing and run-over operation in the occupied city of Beersheba, killing 4 Zionists.

On March 27, the two Palestinians, Khaled and Ayman Igbariya, from the occupied city of Umm al-Fahm, carried out a heroic shooting operation in the city of Hadera in central occupied Palestine, which resulted in the killing of  2 Zionists and injuring10 others.

On March 29, a qualitative strike took place in the capital of their squandered delusion, in the city of "Tel Aviv" in the Bnei Brak region, where 5 settlers were killed and 6 others were injured, in a heroic operation carried out by the martyr Diaa Hamrasheh from Jenin.

On March 31, a Palestinian man carried out a stabbing attack on a bus near the Gush Etzion junction, seriously injuring a settler. Nidal Juma'a Ja'fara (30 years) was martyred by the occupation forces, south of Bethlehem.

On April 7, on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, one of the upcoming liberation epics took place. The martyr Raad Hazem spread terror in the most vital street in the occupied city, killing 3 Zionists and wounding 15 others.

On April 29, two young men Youssef Assi and Yehia Marei, in their twenties, carried out an operation Salfit from Point Zero at the entrance to the settlement of Ariel in which a Zionist security guard was killed.  Then, they withdrew cleverly from the place,

On May 5, the two young men, Asaad Al-Rifai and Sobhi Abu Shqair carried out a double commando operation in the settlement of Elad (near Tel Aviv), and the hero was a cleaver and a firearm, which resulted in the killing of at least 3 settlers and the injury of 4 others.

Source: Al- Mujtama Arabic

Read the report in Arabic

Representative Ahmed Al-Saadoun won the presidency of the Kuwaiti National Assembly by acclamation, as none of the deputies submitted a candidacy other than him for the position of president.


The Malaysian authorities have reportedly liberated a Palestinian activist from Gaza who has been kidnapped and interrogated by Israeli Mossad agents in Kuala Lumpur, Al Jazeera Arabic reported on Monday.

The pan-Arab news network cited Malaysian sources saying that the activist was kidnapped by Malaysian nationals who have been recruited and trained by the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, in Europe. 

It is also reported that the activist, who is accused by “Israel” of having links with the armed wing of Hamas,  Izzedin Al-Qassam Brigades, was interrogated by Israeli Mossad officers via video in Tel Aviv. 

Al Jazeera reported that the kidnapping took place last September and that Malaysian authorities have staged a large operation to find the kidnappers, who are now reportedly in the custody of the Malaysian police.

The identity of the freed Palestinian is yet to be revealed.

Source: Palestine Chronical  


Due to the low quality of medical care and the reluctance of the Russian command to evacuate the seriously wounded to Russia, the mortality rate among the latter exceeds 50%.

The General Staff reports that, according to available information, many injured are being admitted to medical facilities in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Thus, in one of Donetsk’s hospitals, about 100 wounded were admitted this week.

Hospitals are overcrowded in the city of Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia Oblast. According to information from local residents, civilians are not being admitted to hospital because doctors are overloaded and there is a lack of hospital beds.

"Due to the low quality of medical care and the refusal by the Russian occupying forces’ command to evacuate the seriously wounded to Russia, the mortality rate among their injured service personnel exceeds 50%", the General Staff noted.

 An explosion inside a coal mine in northern Turkey killed at least 40 people, Turkish officials said, while rescuers were trying to bring dozens of others trapped inside the mine to the surface.

The blast occurred on Friday at the state-owned TTK Amasra Muessese Mudurlugu mine in the town of Amasra, in the Black Sea coastal province of Bartin.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, who travelled to Amasra to coordinate the rescue operation, said on Saturday that 40 miners were confirmed dead.

Eleven were injured and hospitalised, while 58 others managed to get out of the mine on their own or were rescued unharmed. The status of one remaining miner was unclear.

Energy Minister Fatih Donmez, who also went to Amasra after the blast, said a preliminary assessment indicated the explosion was likely caused by firedamp – a reference to flammable gases found in coal mines.

Several rescue teams were dispatched to the area, including from neighbouring provinces, Turkey’s disaster management agency, AFAD, said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would cancel all his other arrangements and fly to the scene of the accident on Saturday.

“Our hope is that the loss of life will not increase further, that our miners will be found alive,” Erdogan said in a tweet.

“All of our efforts are aimed in this direction.”

The explosion occurred 300 meters (985 feet) below the entrance of the mine at around 15:15 GMT, the Bartin governor’s office said.

أسفل النموذج

Television images showed hundreds of people, some with tears in their eyes, congregating around a damaged white building near the entrance to the pit.

Earlier, Turkey’s Maden-Is mining workers’ union attributed the blast to a build-up of methane gas, but other officials said it was premature to draw conclusions about the cause of the accident.

In Turkey’s worst mine disaster, a total of 301 people died in 2014 in a fire inside a coalmine in the town of Soma, western Turkey./ Aljazeera 

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