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    Instructions for renewal of expat teachers’ residency in Kuwait

06:37 23 June 2022 Author :  

According to informed educational sources, the residency of a teacher or administrator will not be renewed without the payment of fines for traffic violations, reports Al-Anba daily.

They said the Ministry of Education has called on schools of all educational stages to inform this decision to those who wish to renew their residency.

The sources explained that the ministry has issued a number of instructions that need to be followed when applying for residency renewal. They are –

  1. The residency cannot be renewed three months before the expiry date.
    2. An appointment must be booked through the Ministry of Education website –
    3. The individual concerned must be present in person and they must adhere to the specified date.
    4. The documents required for renewal are –
    a. Form No. 1 approved by the school principal or the assistant principal and with the school’s stamp on it.
    b. The original passport and civil ID, as well as a copy of each.
    c. Printout of the traffic violations
    d. A copy of the last stamp of entry into Kuwait.


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