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    The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq mourns Sheikh well-known Kuwaiti preacher (Ahmed Qattan)

20:54 24 May 2022 Author :  

 The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq mourned the death of Sheikh (Ahmed Al-Qattan), the well-known Kuwaiti preacher, who passed away yesterday, Monday (22/Shawal/1443 AH), corresponding to (23/5/2022 AD), at the age of 76 years.

The General Secretariat said in its obituary statement issued today; Sheikh (Ahmed bin Abdulaziz bin Ahmad Al-Qattan Al-Tamimi) was born in the Al-Mirqab area in the State of Kuwait in the year 1946 AD, and received his first education in the kotatib, then studied the initial stages in his hometown, and then obtained a diploma from the Teachers Institute. ) in (1969), and worked in the field of education.

The association explained that the Sheikh - may Allah have mercy on him - began his preaching career by giving preaching lessons at (Al-Sabeeh) masjid in 1970 AD, then he worked with the youth of (Social Reform Society) until (1976 AD), then he began preaching at (Al-Bassam) Masjid in the area Al-Jahra in the same year, indicating that he cared about the Palestinian cause and gave the Al-Aqsa Masjid a priority; So he established the (Pulpit for the Defense of Al-Aqsa) and announced it in (1979 AD) in the masjid of the (Doha) area, then he moved between the majids of Kuwait as a lecturer, preacher and acquaintance with Al-Aqsa and the necessity of protecting and defending it.

The Association of Muslim Scholars confirmed that the deceased - may Allah have mercy on him - was diligently seeking public work and calling to Allah by all means available ; Including his rise after retiring from work in education in the year (1996 AD); By presenting lessons and lectures in Kuwait’s schools, associations and forums, in which he aimed to prepare Muslim youth, as well as presenting lessons and advocacy series on the Holy Quran Radio. He also worked as a consultant on a number of charitable work committees that serve Muslims in Africa and Asia, by supervising the establishment of development projects, schools, orphanages, and others. As well as working in the Committee to introduce Islam to non-Muslims.

The association's statement reviewed the religious and cultural works of Sheikh Al-Qattan - may Allah have mercy on him, including: (The Believing Touch Series for the Muslim Family), (The Series of Raising Children in Islam), (The Palestinian People’s Revolution Series), and (Preparation of the Conquerors).

The association begged Allah Almighty to have mercy on Sheikh (Ahmed al-Qattan) and accept his supplication from him, and to succeed Kuwait and its people, the people of the da’wah in it and the nation as a whole. Scholars and advocates memorize the sciences of Sharia and strive to spread it and know their religion and pray for it.

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