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French government wants ban number of Islamic organizations

05:28 20 October 2020 Author :  

The French Interior Minister wants to ban a number of Islamic organizations because they are “enemies of the republic”.

Another 50 associations, Islamic schools and cultural institutions will receive inspectors this week.

Minister Gérald Darmanin announced that on French radio. He didn’t say how he’s going to get that legal. There is a chance that organisations will challenge a ban.

The measures were triggered by the terrorist attack last Friday to the north-west of Paris. That’s where a teacher was beheaded. He had shown cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad earlier this month in the classroom. Certainly one parent protested.

This father called the teacher on online videos a bastard who should be banned from education. In addition, the man named the address of the school and said that this should be “stopped”.

“This man has spoken a fatwa against the teacher, I cannot call it otherwise,” said Minister Darmanin!!

The father in question would have referred in his reports to the French Collective against Islamophobia (CCIF). That is one of the organizations the minister wants to ban. “That organization is still benefiting from tax advantages from the state while it also reproaches the state of being Islamophobic. We have evidence that this organization is an enemy of the republic.”

Police are looking for sympathizers

The French police are also looking for those who, in recent days, have supported the man who decapitated the teacher on social media.

Yesterday the first arrests were made before that, and today the police raided dozens of places because of suspicions of extremism.

Darmanin also confirmed reports that France is going to expel Muslim extremists from the country. “There are 8000 names in our database of Muslim extremists who are active. Of them, 600 do not have valid residence papers. Many of them are in jail and are expelled from the country after their punishment. Others are not expansible.”

The Interior Minister further announced that since President Macron took office in 2017, a total of 32 terrorist attacks have been foiled.

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