Israeli Dreams ‘Plans’ Revealed for the Future of Gaza Strip Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 01, 2024 975


The Three Stages of the Plan

According to the Israeli newspaper Maariv, a secret plan, Israeli politics dream to establish has three stages. It was created by a group of businessmen who are close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Let's take a closer look at each stage:

Stage 1: Israeli Military Administration

In the first stage, Israel would establish a military administration in Gaza. This administration would take care of providing humanitarian aid and looking after the civilian population during the transition period.

Stage 2: International Coalition

In the second stage, an international coalition of Arab countries would be formed. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain might be a part of this coalition. They would work together to support the establishment of a new Palestinian Authority.

Stage 3: Stability and Reform

The third stage would only happen once the Gaza Strip becomes stable and the new Palestinian Authority is successful. At this point, a comprehensive reform would be implemented in the Palestinian Authority's work in the West Bank. This might include changes to the education system. If everything goes well within a specific timeframe, Israel might even recognize a demilitarized Palestinian state.

Netanyahu's Involvement

Maariv suggests that this plan is something Netanyahu is considering. However, he doesn't directly make these contacts himself. Instead, he works through his close friend, Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer. This way, Netanyahu can deny any direct involvement if needed.

Other Plans in Motion

It's important to note that besides this secret plan, there are other programs being developed in Israel for the "day after" the war in Gaza. The Israeli army and the General Security Agency (Shin Bet) are also working on their own plans.

So, a secret plan, or dream, has been revealed for the future of the Gaza Strip. It's still uncertain whether this plan will become a reality, but it's interesting to see what ideas are being discussed.

Dreams of Netanyahu

Such plans need eliminating Hamas, but eliminating Hamas is an utterly daunting task that would be! With their immense popularity and unwavering support from their people, it's no wonder they have managed to survive against all odds. Truly, attempting to dismantle a group that not only fights for the rights of Palestinians but also serves as a vital social and political force in Gaza seems like such an easy feat. It is an organization deeply ingrained within society and has resilient network and mastery of asymmetric warfare tactics – simply impenetrable! So yes, eliminating Hamas might as well be attempting to move mountains or stop the tides.  

Source: Israeli press