Netanyahu's Actions Pushing the Middle East to the Brink: LExpress Featured

By Gamal Khattab January 29, 2024 149

Netanyahu's Rise to Power
A report from the French newspaper LExpress claims that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is leading the Middle East towards a dangerous situation. The article suggests that Netanyahu's focus on his own political future and rejection of peace efforts is causing an impasse in Israel.
The writer, Corentan Benargue, explains that Netanyahu gained popularity by opposing the Oslo Accords and the establishment of a Palestinian state. After the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, he won the elections and became the youngest prime minister in Israel's history. Netanyahu then shaped the country according to his own beliefs and personality.
Netanyahu's Political Survival
According to political scientist Liran Harsgur, many Israelis see Netanyahu as a politician who always manages to survive despite facing numerous challenges. He is known for his ability to manipulate public opinion, but his popularity has recently declined.

Rejecting Peace and Escalating Conflict
LExpress warns that the Middle East is on the edge of a crisis because Netanyahu refuses to consider stopping the war or negotiating with Palestinian leaders. Merav Zonszin, an expert in Israeli-Palestinian affairs, believes that this impasse is the result of 20 years of right-wing policies and Netanyahu's conviction that military action is the only way to achieve peace.
The magazine also highlights Netanyahu's support for dividing Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank as part of his strategy. It claims that Netanyahu prioritizes power at any cost, as demonstrated by his election campaign posters featuring him alongside illiberal leaders who oppose Western democracies.
Netanyahu's Dangerous Game
LExpress suggests that Netanyahu is playing a dangerous game with the United States, particularly during the presidency of his old friend, Joe Biden. While Biden has criticized some of the Israeli government's extreme measures, he has not directly attacked Netanyahu. However, the recent war in Gaza has strained their relationship, as Biden's support for the Israeli attack has cost him popularity in opinion polls.
The article also mentions the international pressure Netanyahu faces at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, where Israel is accused of genocide crimes. The accusation is based on statements from Israeli political leaders advocating for war crimes in Gaza.
The Consequences of Netanyahu's Actions
According to LExpress, the ongoing war on Gaza has shocked Israeli society, but it is also causing trauma among Palestinians. The article quotes Zonszin, who believes that this war is not leading to the elimination of Hamas but rather the birth of something even worse.
Source: French press