Timeline of Mass Shootings in Europe Featured

By Gamal Khattab August 13, 2023 3973

Serbians are in shock in the aftermath of the double shootings that saw at least eight killed and 14 injured when a 21-year-old suspected shooter, Uros Blazic, opened fire in the town of Mladenovac, located 42 kilometres (26 miles) south of Belgrade.
And a teen boy opened fire on a school in Belgrade, killing eight students and a security guard.
After the two mass shootings in Serbia this week, here is a timeline of some of the worst shooting incidents in Europe in recent decades:

May 1987 - Belgium
A guy named Michael Van Wijnendaele went on a shooting spree in a farming community. He hurt his own parents-in-law and then killed six other people before shooting himself.

August 1987 - Britain
In England, a man named Michael Ryan went on a rampage in a town called Hungerford. He killed 16 people and injured 11 before taking his own life.

July 1989 - France
A farmer in France shot and killed 14 people, including some of his family members. The police caught him after he got injured.

September 1995 - France
A 16-year-old boy got into an argument with his parents and then went on a shooting spree in a town called Cuers. He killed 16 people before ending his own life.

March 1996 - Britain
In Scotland, a man named Thomas Hamilton went into a school and shot 16 children and their teacher. Then he killed himself.

April 2002 - Germany
A 19-year-old guy named Robert Steinhauser didn't want to take a math test, so he opened fire in his school. He killed 16 people, including teachers and students, before taking his own life.

November 2007 - Finland
A student named Pekka-Eric Auvinen used a handgun to kill six students, the school nurse, the principal, and himself at a high school near Helsinki.

September 2008 - Finland
Another student, Matti Saari, opened fire in a vocational school, killing nine students and a staff member before ending his own life.

March 2009 - Germany
A 17-year-old gunman went on a shooting spree at a school near Stuttgart, killing nine students, three teachers, and two other people. He was later killed by the police.

June 2010 - Britain
A man named Derrick Bird went around shooting people in different towns. He killed 12 people and injured 11 before taking his own life.

August 2010 - Slovakia
A gunman shot and killed six members of a Roma family and another woman in the capital city, Bratislava. He also wounded 14 more people before killing himself.

April 2011 - Netherlands
A guy named Tristan van der Vlis opened fire in a mall, killing six people before shooting himself.

July 2011 - Norway
Anders Behring Breivik carried out a bombing in Oslo and then went to a summer camp, where he shot and killed 69 people, mostly teenagers.

November 2015 - France
Terrorists attacked different places in Paris, including a music hall and a sports stadium, killing 130 people and injuring many more.

July 2016 - Germany
An 18-year-old guy, who was obsessed with mass killings, shot and killed at least nine people in Munich.

March 2023 - Germany
A gunman in Hamburg shot and killed six people at a Jehovah's Witness worship hall before taking his own life. Eight others were injured, including a pregnant woman who lost her unborn baby.

May 2023 - Serbia
In just one week, a 13-year-old boy shot and killed eight fellow students and a security guard at a school in Belgrade. Two days later, another gunman killed eight people and injured 14 in a village near the Serbian capital. Both suspects were arrested.