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The Situation in Gaza

The Israeli army continued to attack the Gaza Strip. They bombed many places and hurt a lot of innocent people. The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that in just a few hours, there were 47 attacks that killed 704 people. Most of the victims were children and women. The situation in Gaza is getting worse and worse. The health system in hospitals completely collapsed, and there were about 1,400,000 people who had to leave their homes.

Important Events

“Lions’ Den” Calls for a Strike

A group called “Lions’ Den” asked people in the West Bank to go on strike and fight against the Israeli army. They wanted to show their support for the people in Gaza.

Gaza Health Spokesman's Warning

Ministry of Health in Gaza said that very soon, they might not be able to provide medical services anymore.  

Other Countries Getting Involved

Some other countries were trying to help. Russia made a proposal to the United Nations Security Council, asking for a ceasefire in Gaza. The United States also talked about the situation, with their Secretary of State condemning the attacks by Hamas. Saudi Arabia and Jordan also spoke out against the violence.

Attacks and Clashes

There were many attacks and clashes happening on this day. The Israeli army killed some people who were trying to enter Israel from the sea. They also bombed Khan Yunis, where 36 people died and assassinated Yasser Hamdan in a prison.

International Reactions

Many countries and organizations around the world were talking about what was happening. Egypt and Turkey called for a ceasefire and wanted to send aid to Gaza. The United Nations warned that the conflict could spread and cause more problems. They also said that many buildings in Gaza were damaged.

UN Officials Speak Out

United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in the Palestinian Territories, Lynn Hastings:

Gaza is not a safe place to be right now. Almost half of the buildings there have been damaged.

United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wensland: “Israel's attacks on Gaza have caused the deaths of many innocent people.”

Israeli Army and Hamas

Israeli Army Radio:  “Five people were injured in a missile attack on central Israel.”

Hamas leader Osama Hamdan is calling on Arab and Islamic countries to cut ties with Israel.

International Reactions

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: “He believes that the recent attacks on Israel do not justify the mass killing happening in Gaza.”

Reuters, citing American officials: “The US Army is taking new measures to protect its forces in the Middle East.”

British Foreign Minister: “While supporting Israel's right to defend itself, they are working to reduce civilian casualties.”

NATO Secretary General: “Israel has the right to self-defense according to international law.”


China is calling for de-escalation to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

Healthcare Crisis

World Health Organization: “About two-thirds of healthcare facilities in Gaza are no longer functioning.”

Director of Hospitals in Gaza: “Hospitals in Gaza have not received any medical supplies since October 7th.”

Ministry of Health in Gaza: “They are urging Egypt to open the Rafah crossing to allow medical aid and fuel to enter Gaza.”

Media advisor to UNRWA:

The aid being provided to Gaza is not enough to meet the region's needs.

Human Rights Watch: “They accuse Israel of intentionally causing suffering to Palestinian civilians in Gaza.”

Continued Aggression

Israeli Army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy: “He warns that the conflict will be long and there will be losses.

Israeli army spokesperson: “They are not rushing to start a ground operation in Gaza.

Al-Qassam Brigades

Al-Qassam Brigades have launched missile attacks on Israeli settlements.

International Concerns

The Biden administration are worried that Israel's military goals in Gaza are not achievable.

Chinese state media expresses sympathy for the Palestinians, especially those in Gaza, due to their difficult situation.

Humanitarian Crisis

Ministry of Health in Gaza  warn that the health system is on the verge of collapse, with a shortage of fuel and electricity.

Director of Al-Shifa Hospital: “If fuel does not arrive soon, a major disaster will occur.”

Like the last 17 days, it was a tough day with lots of violence and sadness. We hope that things get better soon and that peace can be restored.  




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