Muhammad Ahmed Al-Rashed

Muhammad Ahmed Al-Rashed



Strategic Issues 

A Mindful and Calculated Decision

Hamas move was completely mindful and calculated. It is filled with reason, numerical and algebraic calculations, engineering planning, and secure progress maps. It wasn’t an act of recklessness or impulsiveness. Its decision was collective, not by individual leadership that undermines the existence of peers and comrades. Like the decision of Fatah, though Hamas's plans were more balanced and realistic, thus closer to safety. Only Humanity remains incomplete, even in our most idealistic dreams, as decreed by Allah’s will.

A Different Approach to Jihad

Hamas set an example in the realm of jihad, as it became a part of the calculations of Islamic leaders. Accusations against any jihad activity as reckless and doomed collapsed, and Hamas exemplified a disciplined approach free from recklessness, oppression, or naïve impulse. This contrasted with the experiences of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Algerian Islamic Salvation Front, Afghan and Chechen fighters.

A Foundation of Religious and Educational Thinking

The difference is profound, and Hamas' jihad is rooted in a religious and educational foundation along with deep thinking. It is cultivated by the pragmatic and purpose-driven ijtihad (efforts) of religious scholars and preachers who closely oversee Hamas's overall activities specially its jihad. The result is that jihadist thought is now accepted by all Islamic parts without any doubts, concerns, or fears. Leaders now see balanced and successful jihad as a tangible example that yields victories and wins people's respect.

A Shift in Perspective

The concept of regression and inaction is no longer acceptable, as Hamas succeeded in marketing well-balanced jihad, while appeasers and traitors, who engage in peace deals with the Jews for personal gains, are laying low. As for the Islamic community, everyone has yielded to the evidence and logic of Hamas and the consensus among Islamic scholars has renewed the fatwas on the necessity of jihad. The focus on jihad has transformed into a well-established Islamic custom.


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