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    Turkish aid agency sets up dairy facility in Lebanon

05:42 07 April 2021 Author :  

Turkey's state-run aid agency established a new dairy production facility to help locals in northern Lebanon.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) launched a project to support agriculture and animal husbandry in the Halba province in coordination with a local union of women’s workers, the agency said in a statement.

Although Lebanon has favorable climatic and geographical conditions, production activities are very limited, the statement said.

TIKA’s local rural development and production revitalization program is meant to boost production in the region. In this context, a dairy product facility was established in Halba, where more women will be employed, it added.

Products such as yogurt, butter, and buttermilk will be produced by the factory in addition to various cheeses, with raw milk provided by local small- and medium-sized producers.

The project aims to contribute to the revitalization of production and invigoration of the economy in the region and bring down high unemployment.

Lebanon is facing a severe economic crisis and deterioration in living conditions, with the Lebanese pound losing nearly all its value against the US dollar.

Protests have escalated in Lebanon amid the worsening political crisis and deteriorating economic conditions, the worst since the end of the civil war in 1990./aa

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