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Coronavirus is of what the human has committed

20:05 28 January 2020 Author :  

The Coronavirus has terrified the world with its rapid transmission and spread from its location in Wuhan, China, which is inhabited by about 10 million people, and turned it into a ghost town, since mid-December 2019. The virus claimed dozens of lives in China, and spread to Chinese provinces and other countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, France, Nepal, Malaysia and the United States of America. It moved to people who have visited or returned from Chinese Wuhan, according to the report published by the World Health Organization.

Epidemics are an influencing factor in restoring the balance of the human life. The tyranny of material life in every age creates idols from the pleasure makes people neglect the reality of their existence and neglect what the Creator has created Man and the universe for, so natural disasters give alarm to man. Likewise, disasters hit in order to restore balance in human life, and for man to deal with his entity, with the earth, the universe, people and things with justice and truth, and to return to his true path. Therefore, what has happened and is being happening is the result of what he has reaped.

What Man has gained from his industry and the development of his life and residence for people's affairs either has caused destruction, or has led to the growth and advancement of human life?

The human tendency towards the sins that Allah forbade and commanded us to avoid and further manufacture and circulation will ultimately cause human disasters and epidemics that destroy human life. Today, humanity suffers from a race to develop weapons of mass destruction that destroy human life. Stone and materials have become more important than human life! This is of course human-made.

Humanity suffers today from the spread of cancer, epidemics, and diseases for which man has not found treatments. These epidemics are the consequences of using these deadly weapons in devastating wars. Take, for example, the second Gulf War and the occupation of Iraq, which left about 273 tons of depleted uranium used in missiles against shields. This is a small geographical spot in the world, but it has high rates of cancer in both Kuwait and Iraq.

The global environment of the earth suffers from the devastating effects, toxic gases and liquids that destroy the plants, pollute the space, create an imbalance in the seasons of the year, and threaten to raise the earth's temperature which is really dangerous to the human survival and life. Huge areas of arable land were completely destroyed by chemical contamination. This has changed the nature of the seasons, and led to a scarcity of rain and greatly affects agricultural production, as well as the life of the meat-producing animal that humanity needs.

Air pollution rates in the world increased by 8% between 2008 and 2013, and it was recorded that 92% of the urban population do not breathe safe air, and that air pollution levels exceed the limits set by the World Health Organization.

Air pollution, according to global statistics, caused 2.2 million stroke cases; polluted air causes the death of two million people annually due to heart disease, and 1.7 million people with lung disease and cancer.

These results are due to the conflict between the forces of money and power in our human society. The major companies are competing in the pharmaceutical industry, sought to race, and compete at the expense of human lives.

The development of drugs needed to treat this mysterious virus due to wrong human measures in the management of life will generate billions of dollars to international companies, knowing that the proportion of people infected with this virus is too few compared with the global standards. Although the population of China is 1.386 billion people, according to a statistic in 2017, the official statistics issued on January 27 do not exceed 80 deaths, and the number of infected 2,700 people, due to the use of food taboos believed to have caused the creation of the deadly coronavirus.

The infection has spread to several regions of the world, yet the magnitude of fear and panic among people is great, which will prompt all countries to buy all means of protection and medicine for this deadly disease, and then we will know that that virus does not deserve all this suffering, fear and terror. We won’t need all this if the we managed our life according the form that Allah wanted. If we managed our life by justice and mercy, earning good and equitable distribution of wealth and the correct use of the environment and resources, not by tyranny. Each shape of tyranny has its flood. May Allah have mercy on human beings who honored in the Quran; { We have honoured the Children of Adam and carried them on land and sea, and provided them with good things, and preferred them greatly over many of those We created. } (Al-Isra: 70)

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