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    Syrian orphans donate savings to help flood, fire victims in Turkey

09:26 17 August 2021 Author :  

A group of Syrian orphan children in southeastern Turkey donated their savings to help flood and forest fire victims in the country. 

Zainab al-Tahhan, 5, one of the Syrian orphans in Sanliurfa province, brought her penny bank to the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) in order to support the Turkish people who suffered from the recent fire and flood disasters.

Another nine children staying at the Damascus Orphanage in Sanliurfa were impressed by al-Tahhan's exemplary behavior and donated their savings to the foundation.

Nearly 2,000 Turkish liras (around $236) from their penny banks were sent to the victims by the foundation officials.

-Get well soon, Turkey

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, another donor, Dujana Bunni, said he was very upset when he saw the fire and flood news on television.

Expressing that he wanted to do a small favor for the Turkish people who have been supporting them for years, Bunni said: "I sent my penny bank through the foundation to help people affected by the fires and floods. Get well soon, Turkey."

Behcet Atila, head of IHH Sanliurfa, thanked the children for their support and contributions.

Atila added that this move made them very emotional and happy.

Floods caused by heavy rains hit the region in the north on Wednesday, leaving 48 people dead in the province of Kastamonu.

Meanwhile, the country battled forest fires in the south in a short time, and they are now under control.

At least eight people have been killed, according to official figures, since fires started in southern and southwestern Turkey on July 28.

Turkey currently hosts nearly 4 million Syrians, making it the top refugee hosting country in the world. It is also providing protection and humanitarian assistance to nearly 6 million people in northern Syria./aa

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