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Turkey: Automatic food machines to help stray animals

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The mamamatik, an automatic food machine developed by a Turkish company, will help collect recyclable wastes and feed stray animals at the same time, according to the company’s chairman.  

Mehmet Akay said because of a curfew imposed in Turkey to curb the coronavirus, stray animals had difficulty finding food. 

Noting that stray animals get sick because they cannot find enough water and food and especially young ones often lose their lives, Akay said for this reason, his company developed the machine to meet the nutritional needs of animals.  

He said the main aim was the collection of recyclable wastes.  

"While doing this work, we thought of contributing to the nutrition and water needs of our dear friends on the street. Our main purpose here was to engrain an environmental awareness and love for animals, especially among our youth and children. We believe that we have achieved this with the mamamatik," said Akay. 

“Plastic, glass and metal boxes thrown into the mamamatik are turned into water and food for our dear friends,” he said. 

Akay said the company installed 55 mamamatiks in Istanbul and 20 in other provinces for now, allowing stray animals to be fed very easily. 

Akay said animals on the street started to recognize the mamamatiks and can be seen near the machines when they get thirsty and hungry. 

Project aims to reduce waste imports of Turkey 

Akay underscored that the project is intended to reduce waste imports, which is a serious problem in Turkey. 

"It takes hundreds of years for a plastic bottle to disappear in nature and also causes major pollution problems in the environment. Instead of throwing those plastics into nature, we throw them into machines and recycle them," he said.

He added that the goal is to install machines all over Turkey, contributing to recycling and feeding animals./aa

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