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    Mary Trump: What Really Shocked Me About My Family and the KKK

07:45 23 July 2020 Author :  

Mary Trump had a giant barrel of tea to spill about her family on today’s episode of The New Abnormal by The Daily Beast.

She claims her uncle Donald Trump “was protected at every turn from his incompetence, from his total inability to handle money.” And the Republican Party picked up where the media and the investment banks left off. 

Remember her grandfather Fred, the family patriarch who got arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally? 

Mary was surprised by that news, but “not because my grandfather wasn’t anti-Semitic.”

Nope, Mary was shocked her grandfather took time away from making money to join a KKK event. But of course, he was “perfectly happy being racist and anti-Semitic in his own house and his place of work.”

Mary Trump held nothing back as she spoke with Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast. She even commented on Trump’s sleeping habits, alleging that the late-night tweeter-in-chief doesn’t sleep because “because Daddy wouldn't approve.”

“So that’s maybe why he drinks 12 Diet Cokes a day and is up until three in the morning tweeting,” she said.

Tune in for more of the juicy details from behind the Trump family veil. Plus, hear The Nation’s Elie Mystal discuss the passing of John Lewis—and the rise of a new generation of activists. 

And the hosts are back at the tough questions. Can Allen West turn Texas blue? Is Rick part of antifa? And is there anything—anything—Bill Barr hates more than graffiti? 

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