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I feel less sorry when he saw black people in pain, far-right activist says
Muslim Q&A star Yassmin Abdel-Magied clashes with far-right activist in tense race row after he says he prefers people with white skin

17:47 01 March 2017 Author :  
Folkes, who described himself as Anglo-Russian, seemed confused when Ms Abdel-Magied told him that his ancestors were also immigrants
  • Yassmin Abdel-Magied clashed with far-right leader Nick Folkes on television
  • She was hosting a show about discrimination when they fell into an argument 
  • Folkes said he felt less sorry when he saw black people in pain than white people
  • Ms Abdel-Magied loudly interrupted him & said she wasn't interested in his view 

By Ollie Gillman

Muslim youth leader Yassmin Abdel-Magied became embroiled in a race row with the leader of controversial far-right group on a television show about discrimination on Wednesday night. 

Ms Abdel-Magied, who was hosting SBS show The Truth About Racism, traded barbs with Nick Folkes, chairman of the anti-immigration Party for Freedom.

On the show, people of different ethnic backgrounds watched as a needle was slowly inserted into the hands of both a white person and a black person. 

Ms Abdel-Magied traded barbs with Nick Folkes (pictured), chairman of the anti-immigration Party for Freedom

Their brainwaves were then measured to see if they felt more sympathy for either race.

Folkes, who was the only white person to take part, was found to have had less sympathy when the black person was pricked with the pin. 

When asked if that seemed correct to him, he replied: 'Pretty right. Pretty spot on.

'My compassion does have limitations, absolutely.'

Attempting to justify his opinion, he gestured to the people of different races and said: 'The western world is the best place to live. It's not perfect by [any] means, but it's brought all you people to this realm of the western world. It's got more human rights and more justice.'

Folkes, who described himself as Anglo-Russian, seemed confused when Ms Abdel-Magied told him that his ancestors were also immigrants.

'I'm an Australian. I was born here. I love this country,' he said.

As Folkes began ranting about immigration, Ms Abdel-Magied repeatedly told him loudly to 'hold up'

As he began ranting about immigration, Ms Abdel-Magied repeatedly told him loudly to 'hold up'.

'I'm not interested in that any more,' she said. 'I'm interested in the empathy and you as an individual, not the policy, not the government, not the system.'

'What I'm hearing from you is that you don't think as a human that you should extend an empathetic hand to people... to people who don't look like you.'

The argument comes just days after Ms Abdel-Magied was accused of being in denial about Islam's supposed links to sexism.

Muslim community leader Tanveer Ahmed, who is also a psychiatrist and councillor in Sydney, criticised her for saying Islam was 'the most feminist religion' on ABC's Q&A.+6

Tanveer Ahmed slammed Yassmin Abdel-Magied for being in denial about abuses of women done in the name of Islam

Dr Ahmed said the 25-year-old activist was an example of a Muslim who enjoyed the freedoms and privileges of the West but convinced themselves those luxuries were also 'Islamic'.

'Like Yassmin, they can brush off the human rights abuses against women and minorities across the Muslim world as cultural stains not consistent with their own enlightened understanding of Islam,' he wrote in The Spectator.

'It is embarrassing that her views appear to be either denial of, or appeasement of, the most uncomfortable aspects of Islam.

'This helps shield them from the foundations of the Enlightenment as the true source of their standard of living and allows them to maintain anti-Western stances couched in grievance.'

After that appearance on Q&A, Ms Abdel-Magied argued a ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia was cultural and not related to Islam. 

  Daily Mail Australia

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