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NASA spots storm larger than Earth raging on tiny star

21:10 14 December 2015 Author :   The Staff

NASA scientists have discovered a star with an ongoing storm.

An agency news release states, "While planets have been known to have cloudy storms, this is the best evidence yet for a star that has one."

And, according to John Gizis , one of authors of the study documenting this activity, the size of the body and storm are comparable to that of Jupiter.

He then adds, "We know this newfound storm has lasted at least two years, and probably longer."

The reason the tumultuous conditions are possible is because the comparatively cool temperature (for stars) of around 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit enables the formation of clouds.

However, according to USA Today, "Astronomers believe the rain in these storms, like the clouds themselves, is made of hot sand, molten iron or salts."

The storm was discovered with the help of two NASA telescopes, the Spitzer and the Kepler.

The star, referred to as W1906+40, is estimated to be about 53-light-years away from Earth.


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