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The Russian imperialistic training in Syria

19:37 25 May 2016 Author :   Salama Keyli

What was the goal behind Russia’s military intervention in Syria? Was it military training as the Russian president Vladimir Putin said? Or was it a parade of showing the Russian military muscles and marketing the weapons of the latest type as Putin said? Or can we say that the Russian aimed at opening economic horizons before the Russian companies, as the Russian ambassador in Damascus said? Or was it to prevent Assad regime’s ousting as Putin always repeated. 
It seems that the real reason behind the Russian intervention was the imbalance in powers which was clearly observed in Syria between Assad regime and the opposition fighting groups in the spring of 2015. Bashar Assad confessed at that time that his army vanished and the situation on the ground has become grave.
The reason was, of course, neither fighting ISIS nor al-Nusra. The Russian jets conducted a few air strikes the on those two groups.     What was clear that Assad regime became weak, and it urgently needed a pretext to set up Russian military bases on the Syrian Coast like The Russian air Base of Hemimin. 
The Russian presence of land and navy forces in Syria will play a major role against the Syrian Revolution.   The Russian presence also came to adjust the balance of power which heavily tilted towards the Syrian opposition.
Assad regime signed a humiliating agreement, it was like an occupation.  He was taken by air to Russia and he sat in a humiliating way before the Russian president. This meant that Russia gained an important foothold in the Middle East.
Protecting Assad regime will be the entrance to impose the control and to establish military bases in Syria. In this entrance, Russia presents itself to the world as an imperial force with international ambitions to dominate the whole world.

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