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Muslim Brotherhood and the US's terror policy

00:26 28 February 2016 Author :   Yasin Aktay

The news has come that the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) is designated a terror organization in the US. The truth is that this has not yet become an official decision made by the US. It is true that for the time being, the US House of Representatives Justice Committee has accepted a draft resolution requesting that Ikhwan be listed as a terror organization. The draft was accepted with 17 votes against 10, with the support of Republicans. Of course, there is a long way ahead before the draft can turn into a decision. After going through the justice committee, this draft still has to go to the Office of the General Counsel of the House of Representatives, and if accepted there, it will pass to the Senate and then to US President Barack Obama for approval.

Although it is difficult for this long path to result in favor of the draft, it seems that such a draft even coming up on the agenda of the US Congress will inevitably lead to great indignation in the Muslim world. This is because the draft shows that increasing Islamophobia in the West has reached a dangerous level, as open manifestation of hatred toward Muslims. Muslims, who know very well how to differentiate between their own beliefs and terror activities, are also very good at determining that the hatred directed at them exploits this language. Anti-Islamism further strengthens the existing rightful suspicions the Muslim world has toward the West.

Ikhwan is a mainstream Muslim Democratic movement currently spread throughout the Muslim world and in fact in every corner of the world organized under one name or another. Its most important characteristic is that it has put an insurmountable distance between itself and violence, hence terror. Despite the pressures they have faced in many countries, they have never chosen violence as a method. In fact, they are even accused of being pacifist by more radical groups.

These movements, from time to time, address the Ikhwan's base with these accusations and provoke them against their own organization and try to weaken their base. Despite this, Ikhwan never subscribes to violence as a method. Those among the movement who believe such criticisms and insist on taking a different path cannot do this without leaving the group. Hence at heated moments there have been groups that separated from Ikhwan and deviated to more radical lines. However, when the first democratically elected president in Egypt's history was overthrown in a coup, a military coup that barbarously and brutally opened fire on peaceful demonstrators and killed thousands, Ikhwan still did not turn to arms and choose to fight in this way.

“Our peaceful stance is stronger than their bullets,” Ikhwan leader Mohamed Badie cried out at the square where the atrocious massacre took place. This is still the official line, from which the group has never deviated.

Associating terror with such a peaceful Islamic movement, before all else, will show how much the definition of terror has turned into a political instrument and two-faced process. This indicates the rise of a dangerous Western fascism that has no tolerance for any type of Islam or Muslims.

Ikhwan has taken democratic political participation as its path in every corner of the world, yet unfortunately all the dictatorial organizations particularly in the Muslim world always exclude it from the system. They try to get it included on terror lists through international diplomatic operations to keep it outside the system. It is highly likely that this draft will be accepted by the House of Representatives through the efforts of lobbyists linked to countries operating in the US.

Murat Güzel, who had an article in Star daily's weekly supplement, Açık Görüş, last week, puts forth a picture. US democracy is disabled through the money traffic in lobbies. All that needs to be done to have the draft and indeed sometimes the law desired to pass is pay for it. In terms of the values and ideals of democracy, this, without a doubt, is a disaster.

Another possibility regarding the timing of this draft is the US's desire to send a message to the Republican Party especially in the approaching elections. There is a voter base in the US with which Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump thinks he can score points by using fascist and anti-Islamic rhetoric. This, of course, is another matter in which US democracy is again invalid.

The US, does not allow any mention of terror in reference to an organization like the People's Democratic Union (PYD). PYD killed the greatest Kurdish leader Meşal Temo and then carried out the most violent ethnic slaughter and cleansing against Arabs, Turkmens and Kurds who are not part of their group. Their links to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) – officially designated a terrorist organization by the US – are proven by documents. Even the US empire cannot long withstand so much carelessness toward inconsistency, justice and human values.


Based on a tweet posted on many websites addressed to me, it was claimed that five years ago I gave my condolences for a PKK member. Not a tweet posted by me, posted to me. I was also congratulated in the tweet for this. I pushed my memory quite hard, thinking how I could have done such a thing. Never in my life have I attended the funeral of a PKK member or participated in a condolence for them or gave my condolences to their family for dying because they committed terror. I looked at what I wrote on the days the tweet was posted and came across articles in which I criticized the PKK and terror in the harshest tone. I really cannot understand what is meant by this tweet.

The minimum I have ever said regarding those who died fighting in PKK ranks and their families is that they too are the children of this country, and they were deceived by the PKK terror organization which provides a legionnaire service to Turkey's enemies. I have always shared my sadness for their families in particular for this reason.

If families whose children are deceived and separated from them feel this way, of course I will share their sorrow and we will endeavor not to kill their children, but save them from this path.

However, I have never paid my condolences and never will to anybody who has encouraged their children to betray their country, people and Islam and approved them going.

Could somebody have taken words along these lines as condolences? It's possible, but let this be their problem…


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