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Kuwait is in a new look

07:54 07 December 2020 Author :  

The new change made by Kuwaiti voters on December 5, 2020 AD calls us to understand what the Kuwaiti people want to reform at the various political, economic and legal levels.

Only a popularly supported national parliamentary bloc can achieve this. This national bloc will only succeed under the following conditions:

  1. Having a clear vision for the political action in the National Assemblythrough an effective use to the monitoring and legislation tools.
  2. Setting deserving goals for political, economic and legal reform.
  3. Defining agreed priorities for action among the members of this bloc related to guarantees to restore political stability and solve the economic problem.
  4. Choosing a consensus leadership that would lead this bloc.
  5. Establishing a joint center to serve citizens and track their rights.

The first test for Parliament will be to decide on choosing a speaker, even if the national bloc candidate does not succeed. This will prove the effectiveness of national consensus, after the Kuwaiti people fulfilled their task by removing the majority of former representatives. Those who supported the imbalances of reform and the foundations of political, financial and legal corruption.

The next step for the representatives of the national bloc is to choose a speaker that suits the choices of the Kuwaiti people. Then, turning the page of the political exclusivity, and the page of using the assembly’s presidency to resolve political conflicts. Thus, the presidency seat remains representing the Kuwaiti people.

A comprehensive amnesty law to restore political cohesion and political stability should follow this. They should also amend the electoral law to produce members truly representing the Kuwaiti people.

The new results of the Kuwaiti National Assembly present a message to the government about the importance of building a rational government that cooperates with the council to fix political imbalances, fight corruption, establish justice and appoint the competent people to run the government. The government should also agree with the parliament to choose a speaker who represents the people according to the new options, and cooperate with all to achieve national priorities.

Congratulations to all the winning representatives. We hope that the idea of the national parliamentary bloc and the rational government will succeed in working together for Kuwait, for its interest and its future.

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