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Gulf States ... and the future of "normalization" with the Zionist Entity

15:08 06 September 2020 Author :  

Apart from the legal opinions, political positions and moral dimensions, discussing the effects of the expected "normalization" between the Zionist entity and some of the Gulf States with a strategic vision will make the cost in favor of the Zionist Entity, and the inevitable loss for the Gulf States that will normalize its relations with this entity.

Before we go into the significant part, we must carefully examine the results of normalization with the countries that normalized relations with the Zionist entity. Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and some countries that have opened cooperation offices have not reaped any benefit. However, according to the assertion of the Palestinian political expert (professor of political science) Abdul Sattar Qassem: "Jordan has been devastated. There is no water, no land, no antiquities, no institutions, no major companies, after it was controlled by “Israel”, and large swathes of land in Jordan are sold to the Zionists in preparation for the alternative homeland. Even the monuments of Petra fall into the hands of the Zionists.” I say: The Egyptian economy is still weak, Egypt remains in poverty, and there is a threat to the waters of the Nile. As for the Palestinian Authority, its state has become an illusion, and the "Deal of the Century" awaits the success of "Trump" in the next elections.

Dr. Ibrahim Khaled Abdel Karim discusses, in his book “The Israeli Strategy towards the Arabian Peninsula” issued by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research in 2000 CE, the objectives of the “Israeli” policy towards the Arabian Peninsula (which surrounds the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Arabian Gulf). These countries have a distinguished geopolitical position as points of intersection of transport lines between Asia, Africa and Europe. They have a huge stock of underground wealth, they have the ability to influence the Arab reality, and their countries possess all the components of comprehensive development. These represent great opportunities to launch the peace process and invest in it, to ensure the protection of navigation in the Red Sea, and to provide opportunities for "Israel" to intervene in the Gulf affairs, in order to keep the existing imbalance in the armament in favor of Israel. ".

It is also expected that the trade balance between the Gulf States and the Zionist entity will be in favor of the Zionist entity. A report by the "Tony Blair Institute" (for International Cooperation) revealed that the value of trade exchange between "Israel" and the Gulf countries exceeds one billion dollars annually. It showed also that "Israel" exports to the Gulf more than it exports to Russia or Japan, and the exports are expected to increase several times. In the case of establishing formal relations, it could reach 25 billion dollars.

One of the most important strategic goals of the Zionist entity is to monitor and control the path of oil if it succeeds in signing normalization agreements with the Gulf States. The Gulf States seek to exit from the outlets of the Gulf and the Red Sea controlled by other countries to the estuaries and vast seas like the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, or the Mediterranean Sea. Hence, controlling the oil and gas routes will constitute, in the long run, an opportunity for the Zionist entity to control the oil and gas of the Gulf States.

Sources in the Zionist entity also spoke of a ready-made plan to build a railway line extending from "Israel" through Jordan to the Gulf States, in an attempt to attract Gulf oil to transport it through the port of Haifa, north of the Zionist entity, to European and American markets.

However, one of the most severe dangers that the Gulf States will face in case of normalization with the Zionist entity is that the Gulf States will be a battleground for the Zionist strategy with Iran in the region. It does not matter to the Zionists if the Gulf cities are burned in a war that serves their interests, or if the peoples of the region enter into a long-term war in favor of Zionist control.

Some Gulf States believe that Trump's project to create the so-called "Middle East Alliance" or "Middle East Protection Force" is in their favor, as command and control will be for the United States and "Israel". Some Gulf States and other countries in the region will form the geographical field and the work force that will implement the American and Zionist policies in the region. The goal is the Zionist national security at the expense of the Gulf and Arab national security. The Zionist entity has prepared future military plans to pay strikes to sites in Iran under this cover, and the reaction will of course be on the geography of the Gulf States.

The accession of the Gulf States to this alliance would be a fatal blow to the capabilities of the Gulf States to protect themselves and be totally subjugated to American and Zionist hegemony and Iranian reactions, and this represents one of the major losses to the normalization agreements with the Zionist entity.

Normalization will make the Zionist arms purchase chains, information and intelligence electronic products, and information security cooperation legitimate and legal in a timely manner, as Gulf security will be fully exposed, including the security of citizens and their information. This will put the Gulf peoples under complete control and submission to the Zionist goals, which means that a clash between peoples and their governments will be at stake. If we add the danger of changing the identity of the generations of the region, as some Gulf countries have begun to amend their laws, educational curricula, and scientific environment to adapt to the agreements of normalization; this would mean distorting the Arab and Islamic identity. Moreover, it would mean the elevation of the Zionist model over the identity of the Gulf peoples. After a decade of these agreements, the Zionist entity will demand everything related to history in the region, until the entity extends over all the geography of the Gulf States, as they were drawn by its founders.

So why are some Gulf countries sliding into agreements to normalize in spite of these disastrous strategic results?!



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