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    Kuwait’s land temperature rose 11 degrees in 7 year

09:24 01 August 2021 Author :  

Kuwait has seen a steep increase in temperatures as the mercury rose 11 degrees over the past 7 years, according to the Urban Thermal Island in Kuwait project.

The project, established by Kuwait’s Institute of Scientific Research, found that in June 2013 the temperature in Kuwaiti governorates was between 30°C to 43.1°C, while in June 2020 it increased to between 44.7°C and 54.4°C.

Meanwhile, some areas like the farming area of Sulaibiya and the artificial lakes in the Khairan area remained relatively cool over the past few years.

The 10 warmest years in the history of Kuwait have all been recorded since 2005, with the seven hottest having occurred since 2014.

Although Kuwait, a desert country, is typically warmer than most places, the recent spike in temperature has sounded the alarm as it is one of the indications of climate change./agencies

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