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90% of Coronavirus Patients in Intensive Care in Kuwait are elderly

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Informed health sources revealed that 90 percent of “Covid 19” patients in intensive care in hospitals are elderly, According to Aljarida, and they suffer from chronic problems and diseases, such as heart, diabetes and high blood pressure, pointing out that the health conditions of some of them are critical.

The sources said that there are dozens of young patients between the ages of 35 and 40 who are undergoing treatment in intensive care, and some of them suffer from severe pneumonia and acute pulmonary embolism.

They confirmed that the number of patients receiving treatment at Jaber Hospital is 470 patients, divided into 22 wards and 6 intensive care wards, of whom about 90 are in intensive care.

They explained that the number of patients in Jaber Hospital increased by 120 patients compared to last August, as their number in Jaber Hospital reached 350 patients in late August, pointing out that Jaber Hospital receives people suffering from severe and critical symptoms and from different age groups.

They indicated that since mid-September, the intensive care departments and “Covid 19” wards have witnessed a remarkable increase in the occupancy rate of ward and care beds for “Corona” patients in hospitals.

She emphasized that public hospitals are witnessing daily severe and critical illnesses being transferred to Jaber Hospital or Kuwait Field Hospital in Meshref for intensive care treatment.

The reasons for the increase

The sources attributed the reason for the increase in admissions to wards and intensive care during the past month to laxity and leniency in following the precautionary measures and health requirements, and people’s negligence in implementing these health recommendations and requirements. She indicated that the death rate due to “Covid 19” in Kuwait remains among the lowest in the world.

She stressed that confronting the virus and controlling it is a shared responsibility, pointing out that confronting and confronting the pandemic depends on society’s awareness and implementation of the health requirements issued by the health authorities, the most important of which are physical distancing, wearing masks, and not going out unless absolutely necessary.

They said that the months of July and August witnessed a remarkable decline in the number of patients entering “Covid 19” in the wards and intensive care, but with the indulgence of citizens and residents, cases have returned to the rise during the past few weeks.

The sources stated that since mid-September, the number of patients entering Jaber Hospital increased by about 50 to 70 cases per day, indicating that the entry of cases during the months of July and August ranged between 25 and 30 cases per day, noting that most cases suffer from critical symptoms, unlike the patients. Those who were in the intensive care unit during July and August and who were suffering from moderate symptoms

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