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Saudi, UAE step up support for PKK terrorists in northeast Syria

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PKK digs tunnels near the border

A joint Saudi-Emirati delegation agreed to provide funding, training, weapons and ammo to some 30,000 terrorists of the so-called “border guards,” tasked with manning U.S. observations posts

A joint Saudi-Emirati delegation made up of intelligence officers and politicians vowed to finance the U.S.’s so-called “observation posts” along the border with Turkey in northeast Syria.

As Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman continues to step up hostilities against Turkey, senior Saudi and Emirati military officials pledged to increase financial support to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror organization in Syria after visiting the region occupied by the U.S.-backed terrorists.

Saudi Minister Samir Sabhan, who’s in charge of Middle East affairs, headed the joint Saudi-Emirati delegation after meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump’s Special Representative Brett McGurk.

During the meeting, the two sides agreed to provide funding, training, weapons and ammo to some 30,000 terrorists of the so-called “border guards,” who will be tasked with manning U.S. observations posts.

PKK terrorists are seizing Turkmen lands in the region under the pretext of establishing U.S. bases along the border.

The joint Saudi and Emirati delegation vowed to cover the cost of the establishment of the border corridor’s observation posts.

In the meantime, the two Gulf countries started to openly support the PKK terror organization as their soldiers were spotted on a battlefield in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor.

PKK terrorists dug a 20-kilometer tunnel along the border with Turkey under the ruse of redeploying closer to the border under the pretext of setting up U.S. observations posts.

The tunnels, which were dug near the Ras al-Ayn region, are located just two kilometers from the border with Turkey.

Work on digging the tunnels began near the Douweyra village and extended all the way through the regions of Aziziyah and Abu Sawn to the town of Tal Khanzir.

The U.S. dispatched vehicles and equipment to the region throughout the digging and construction period as the resulting structures bear striking resemblance to those found in Afrin, which have been turned into weapons and munitions depots.

The PKK’s ultimate goal is to dig tunnels that extend 150 kilometers along with the border with Turkey, and hinder the advance of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) through the level grounds in the case of a possible operation in the area.

At least seven PKK terrorists working at the digging site were killed in a landslide on Tuesday.

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