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Contributed to the spread of Islam to be embraced by 6000 after they were only 9 people
Wide Islamic Call activity in the Islamic Center of Ecuador

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Staring form 9 Muslims in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, the Islamic Center in Ecuador- Assalam Mosque has grown to form a community of more than 6000 Muslims. Being the first Islamic center in the Republic of Ecuador, it is known for its humanitarian aid and community services provided to the entire society, in all levels. Dr. Juan Suquillo, the president and director of the Islamic Center in Ecuador, stated how Ramadan is perceived by the eyes of the Muslims community:

Fasting the holy month of Ramadan is a great opportunity and master for the Muslims in order to train, sharpen and disciple our souls and spirits. It is a month that fuels our souls with the needed energy to cope with the rest of the year”.

The Islamic Center in Ecuador – Assalam Mosque has been always known for its humanitarian aid, charitable work and giving supported by international organizations and communities in the times of crisis, such as the dreadful events which occurred in Manabí, the Ecuadorian province. In 2016, Manabí was hit by an earthquake resulting in the killing of almost 700 people and more than 16500 casualties. The Islamic Center in Ecuador has played a great role in alleviating their pain and providing the Manabí families with all sorts of assistance and help to the affected families by the natural disaster.

Our hearts and doors are always open to all the affected human beings, in the tragic Manabí earthquake and to everyone in need. We send the Manabí families the warmest greeting from the Islamic Center in Ecuador-Quito, the Muslim Community of Ecuador, and all the Islamic Centers of Ecuador which are part of the great chain of the Ecuadorian Muslim Federation. We are united in heart, mind, and spirit. Go Manabí! May the blessings of Allah always enlighten, help and protect you.”, Dr. Juan Suquillo.


  • عنوان تمهيدي: Contributed to the spread of Islam to be embraced by 6000 after they were only 9 people
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