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French premier advises EU to be more careful about whether UK is complying with Brexit deal
France asks EU to be ‘stricter’ against UK on fisheries issue

07:05 06 October 2021 Author :  

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said Tuesday that he asked the European Union to be “stricter” against the UK on the fishing conditions imposed following Brexit after the country refused to allow French fishermen to fish in British waters. 

In a speech to the National Assembly, Castex said the EU should be careful about whether the UK is complying with the Brexit agreement.

Noting that he had discussed the issue with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, he said he asked the EU to "take action" and "be stricter" against the UK on the fishing conditions.

He noted that if this is not sufficient, they will apply to the arbitration court and take a more comprehensive look at the conditions under which the agreements signed under the auspices of the EU are being implemented.

Castex warned that cooperation with the UK would be questioned if necessary.

Clement Beaune, minister of state for European affairs, also stressed in a statement that they will take measures in the coming days that include pressure on the UK at the EU or the national level.

The administration of the British island of Jersey has announced that it has issued licenses to 64 French fishing boats wishing to continue fishing in its waters, while it has refused to issue licenses to 75 of them.

Tensions began to rise between France and the UK in May when the administration of the island of Jersey asked French fishing boats that wanted to continue fishing in its waters to provide evidence of past fishing activities under the EU Trade Agreement signed after Brexit.

In addition, France had threatened to cut off Jersey's electricity, and French fishermen had threatened to blockade the island's port.

The British government had also sent two navy ships to the island of Jersey as a "precautionary measure." In response, France also sent two navy ships to the island.

Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, has 95% of its electricity supplied by France, which is about 14 miles away. The island, which has its own administration, is represented by Great Britain in the international arena./aa

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