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In Egypt, enforced disappearance is a daily risk

21:13 28 December 2015 Author :  

The Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms (ECRF)issued on Tuesday a report documenting 340 cases enforced disappearance in Egypt between August and November 2015, with a daily average of three cases.

According to testimonies collected by the Cairo-based human rights organization, victims have been subjected to different forms of torture and abuse during their disappearance.

Torture forms includedelectric shocks, hanging by the hands, and threats of sexual assault, all aiming to extract confessions and information on possible suspects of terrorism or organising protests.

TheECRF report said that the fate of some victims who disappeared following the 30 June protests in 2015 remains unknown.

The Commission based its report on information collected through the campaign "Stop Forced Disappearance", as well as interviews with survivors, families of victims, and lawyers.

In its report, ECRF accused the Egyptian authorities of giving the green light to State Security officers to torture people without any form of accountability or prosecution.

Egypt has witnessed a surge in human rights violations since the uprisings against the Mubarak regime in 2011, with the Sisi regime coming in for particular criticism for its banning of protests, mass arrest of political opponents and journalists, the expansion of military courts and the lack of accountability of its security forces, according to Human Rights Watch.

Enforced disappearances has been of particular concern, as the Egyptian regime has been accused of forcibly disappearing hundreds of people this year alone, according to documentation by several local and international human rights organisations.

Human Rights Watch issued a reportin June, in which it highlighted the issue of the enforced disappearances in Egypt.

"Egyptian authorities should immediately disclose their whereabouts and hold those responsible to account," the report said.

"The authorities should either release anyone illegally detained or charge the person with a recognisable crime," it added.

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