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Floods, Heavy Rain Kill 20, Threaten to Destroy Old Sanaa Wall

05:44 06 August 2020 Author :  

Medical sources in Yemen revealed that at least 20 have been killed by the flash floods and heavy rains that hit multiple governorates, especially Marib, Sanaa, Hajjah and Hodeidah. While others were injured, thousands of families have lost their homes due to the floods.

The General Authority of Antiquities and Historic Cities, which is controlled by the Iran-backed Houthi militias in Sanaa, launched a distress call after parts of the historic wall of Sanaa and a number of old houses in the center of the capital were demolished.

Residents said that parts of a wall that surrounds the UNESCO World Heritage site of Old Sanaa had collapsed due to the heavy rain.

The Health Ministry’s local office in Marib, the hardest hit Yemeni province, said that 17 people, including eight children, had died as a result of the harsh weather during the past few days and that hospitals were put on heightened alert.

Local health officials said that hospitals were braced for an increase in fatalities and patients, as rainstorms continue to lash residential areas and wash away farms and livestock.

The health office said the districts of Rawdha, Al-Jawba, Hareb, Al-Wadi and Marib countryside that host a large number of internally displaced people were particularly affected.

A report by the government’s Executive Unit for Internally Displaced Camp Management clarified that the heavy rains witnessed in Marib, Abyan and Dhale have caused severe damage to makeshift camps and resulted in the full or partial destruction of some 2,242 housing units in the three governorates.

The report revealed that the high water level in the dam basin in the Sirwah District, west of Marib governorate, resulted in damage to the Al-Sawabin, Al-Wardah, Thanat Al-Iyal and Arak camps.

The number of affected families amounted to 1,340, out of 4,871 in the district.

The damage included the flooding and destruction of buildings and tents. The housing units of 430 families have been destroyed completely while the housing units of 1,000 families were destroyed partially./aawsat

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