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Muslim scholars and thinkers passed away in 2022

09:14 02 January 2023 Author :   Gamal Khattab

Dr. Hassan Ramadan Fahla:

Born in Hama, Syria, lived in Algeria, and passed away on January 3 in Constantine, Algeria at the age of 82, after a journey of giving in which he built mosques, universities and libraries with his abundant knowledge.

Sheikh Saleh Muhammad Al-Luhaidan:

A member of the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia, he died on January 5, at the age of 90. He held many positions in Saudi Arabia and wrote many books.

Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Bemba:

One of the senior scholars of the Sunnah in Kano, Nigeria, and was nicknamed “He said, he told us”; Because he frequently read the hadiths of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. He died on January 7, at the age of 82.

Dr. Salah Al-Khalidi:

One of the scholars of the Quran interpretation in Jordan, passed away on January 28 at the age of 75.  

Jawdat Said:

A Syrian Circassian thinker, passed away on January 30 at the age of 91. He is one of the most prominent contemporary Islamic thinkers, who form an extension of the school of Malik bin Nabi and Muhammad Iqbal.

Dr. Yacob Al-Bahseen:

Member of the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia, a member of the teaching staff at the Higher Institute for the Judiciary, passed away on February 6, at the age of 94.

 Saleh Al-Ajiri:

A pioneer of astronomy in Kuwait, passed away on February 10 at the age of 102, after a journey full of giving, during which he gave a lot to astronomy.

Dr. Abdul Qudous Abu Saleh:

President of the International Islamic Literature Association, passed away on March 22 at the age of 90, after a busy scholarly life.

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qattan:

The preacher of the platform for the defence of Al-Aqsa Mosque, passed away on May 23 at the age of 76, after a life full of advocacy and defence of the nation’s causes, especially Palestine.

Abdul Halim Al-Bukhari:

Among the hadith scholars in Bangladesh, passed away on June 21 at the age of 77. He served as Secretary General of the Islamic Schools Union and the Islamic Conference Association in Bangladesh.

Sheikh Mahmud Usta Osmanoglu:

Known as "Mahmoud Effendi", the leader of the Ismail Agha group, which is the largest and most influential religious group in Turkey, passed away on June 23.

Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil reciter:

The Imam of the Qiblatain Mosque in Medina and the previously appointed Imam of the Prophet’s Mosque, passed away on June 25 at the age of 47.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Aboudi:

 Passed away in Saudi Arabia, on July 1, at the age of 100.

The late Sheikh Al-Aboudi was known as a globetrotter and writer, as he visited more than 100 countries, and wrote 220 books between travels and history.

Dr. Abdullah Abu Zaza:

A Palestinian Islamic writer and thinker, who passed away on July 4 in Istanbul at 91.

One of the leaders of the Palestinian work in Kuwait, in which he lived for a long time, and was one of the writers of the "Al-Mujtama" magazine.

Sheikh dr. Mustafa Al-Benjweni:

A member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in the city of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, passed away on July 13, at the age of 91.

Nizamuddin Abdul Hamid:

Iraqi scholar and interpreter of the holy Quran, passed away on July 18 at the age of 100.

He graduated from the College of the Great Imam in Baghdad, and he took legal sciences from his father and the Islamic scholars of Iraq at the time, including Sheikh Mustafa al-Naqshbandi, the great scholar, and Sheikh Mulla Masum, the father of the former president of Iraq, Dr. Fouad Masum.

Muhammad Umrani Hanshi:

 Passed away on August 2, at the age of 79, a contemporary Moroccan scholar, met many thinkers and symbols of the era, such as Taqi al-Din al-Hilali al-Maghribi, Sheikh Ibn Baz, Imam al-Albani, Sheikh al-Zindani, and others.

Sheikh Nasser Abdullah Al-Ajmi:

 Passed away on August 7, was the imam and preacher of the Imam Al-Shawkani Mosque in Umm Al-Hayman in Kuwait.

Afif Tabbara:

A Lebanese scholar and interpreter, the author of the book "The Spirit of the Islamic Religion", passed away on August 31 at the age of 99.

Imam dr. Yousef Al Qardawi:

The imam of imams and the jurist of the nation. A prominent figure among the celebrities of the Islamic call, passed away on September 26 at the age of 96.

Dr. Osama Abdel-Azim:

A prominent scholar of jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University, passed away on October 3, at the age of 74.

Dr. Muhammad Najatullah Siddiqui:

  Passed away on November 12 at the age of 91, after a busy career in the fields of science and service to the Islamic economy.

  Muhammad Rafi Al-Othmani:

Passed away on November 18, at the age of 86. He was the president of Dar al-Uloom University in Karachi, and is considered the elder brother of Muhammad Taqi al-Othmani, the Mufti of Pakistan.  

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Tahan:

 Passed away on November 24, at the age of 87. He was one of the scholars of hadith and terminology in the Syrian city of Aleppo, the author of the most famous contemporary books on hadith sciences like “Facilitating the Hadith Term,” and many other hadith books.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Al-Hassan Al-Jarallah:

 One of the leaders of charitable work inside and outside Kuwait, and one of the founders of the Social Reform Association in Kuwait in 1963 AD. He died on October 28 at the age of about 100 years.

Sheikh Oud Al-Fazia:

One of the pioneers of Kuwaiti charitable work, passed away on December 3 at the age of 76.

He devoted his entire life working to charitable work, implementing hundreds of charitable projects in Kuwait since the 1970s. He has gone to 42 countries to do so.

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Hawashi:

The imam and preacher of the Great Mosque in the city of Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia, passed away on December 10 at the age of 67.

As a result of his participation in several seminars and preaching lectures around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Hawashi is regarded as one of the most notable imams and preachers.

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