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Swedish far-right politicians exposed for wanting to 'eradicate' Muslims, paying tribute to Nazis

09:15 09 September 2022 Author :  

Swedish far-right politicians participating in this year's elections have been exposed for wanting to eradicate Muslims and "blackheads,” a derogatory term for Black people.

Anti-racist magazine Expo, along with news outlet, Expressen, revealed Thursday right-wing candidates who also openly pay tribute to Nazis.

Sweden Democrats (SD) politician Björn Halldin in Amal has been expressing anger at Muslims for years, according to the report.

He wrote that Muslims do not belong in a civilized world and he wants to kill them.

“It is time we eradicate these (expletive) Muslims,” he wrote on Facebook in 2015.

Halldin shared insulting pictures of Black people using terms such as the N-word and has portrayed them as lazy.

He wrote that Sweden should exterminate "blackheads."

When a female police officer showed solidarity with the Black Life Matter movement, he posted an image of the officer’s face on a pornographic image.

The SD politician has also participated in a hate campaign against Center leader Annie Loof by spreading an inappropriate message about her.

One politician has already announced that she is resigning, according to the report.

SD politician Sonja Hellström, who has spread propaganda in a Nazi demonstration resigned saying: "Consspiral? Yes, I may be, but I am not anti-Semitic," referring to claims that she is conspiratorial.

Goran Nordin, who is running for SD in municipal elections, has been spreading hate speech against Muslims, and Somalis in particular.

He wrote on Facebook that they are lazy and violent.

After rap artist Nils Gronberg was shot dead last year, Nordin wrote: "It's no victory to live like a Negro."

Lena Cederlid, who is running for the SD in Falun said she is a proud member of the racist Nazi group, DFS.

In 2018, she verbally attacked refugees in a forum when she said: "You burn, rape, murder, plunder, steal, subsidy cheaters, and hate our country."

During the 2014 elections, she deemed members of the Nazi Swedes' Party as "some who dare to say what others think."

​​​​​​​Several politicians are also believed to be members of the right-wing, racism-theological group, The Free Sweden and the DFS is led by those with Nazi backgrounds.


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