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Muslim women wearing burkinis barred from pool in Canada

06:41 23 August 2022 Author :  

A Muslim mother and her daughters wearing burkinis had not been allowed to swim at a water park in Canada.

Mother Halima Jelloul, her husband and two daughters booked a room at the Lilac Resort in Winnipeg, capital of the southern Manitoba province, on Friday, CTV News reported.

The family was told that they could not enter the pool as they were wearing burkinis, full-body women's swimsuits covering everything except the hands, face, and feet.

"About 10-15 minutes, the owner approached us and said that due to the burkini me and my daughter were wearing we aren't allowed on the waterslide,”Jelloul said.

"My daughters were crying. It wasn't really a pleasing moment for us, so I had to check in with my daughters to see if they were okay and wanted to stay or leave," she said.

Jelloul added, "on a daily basis we experience that at the beach. People looking at you not knowing what it is, which is okay, and some education needs to happen."

"I was very uncomfortable, obviously. I wasn't shocked it happened," said Jelloul's daughter Salma Douida.

"And I think that Muslim women or anyone who dresses modestly should have the right to and that if this happens to them, they should speak up," the 14-year-old added.

Owner of facility apologised

A health inspector was called to solve the problem. 

The family was given permission after the inspector stated that it was not against public health rules to enter the pool or water park with a burkini. However, the family chose to leave.

"As long as the burkini in question is properly constructed, there are no safety concerns," said Christopher Love, the organisation's safety management coordinator.

Dan Manaigre, the resort's owner, said he approached the family because he didn't know what a burkini was and thought it was streetwear — a major public health violation if worn in a pool.

"I want to apologise to the family because I just didn't know," said Manaigre.

The ban on Muslim women entering the beach or pools with burkinis, which started in France in 2016 and spread to some European countries, was also requested to be implemented in Canada at that time.

In the province of Quebec, which is known for its pro-French practices, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rejected the ban on the burkini.

Source: AA

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