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    UK plans to build 8 nuclear reactors as part of its energy strategy

10:15 08 April 2022 Author :  

The UK plans to build up to eight nuclear reactors as part of its new energy strategy to boost long-term energy independence, security and prosperity, the British government announced on Thursday.

The British Energy Security Strategy will see a significant acceleration of nuclear with an ambition to have up to 24 gigawatts by 2050 from nuclear energy, a UK government statement said.

This capacity represents up to around 25% of the country's projected electricity demand.

'A new government body, Great British Nuclear, will be set up immediately to bring forward new projects, the UK government said in the statement.

The body will be backed by substantial funding, with the launch of a £120 million Future Nuclear Enabling Fund this month, it added.

The government will work to progress a series of projects as soon as possible this decade, including Wylfa site in Anglesey, which could mean delivering up to eight reactors, equivalent to one reactor a year instead of one a decade, accelerating nuclear in Britain.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency's data, the UK has 11 operable nuclear power reactors, and two under construction.

The country generated around 15% of its electricity from nuclear energy in 2020.

However, according to the World Nuclear Association, almost half of the current capacity is due for retirement by 2025./aa

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