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    Storm Athena hits Greece's burned Evia island

06:03 12 October 2021 Author :  

Just months after devastating fires, residents of Greece's northern part of Evia island faced the raging storm Athena.

Although there were no casualties due to the storm, several residents were forced to evacuate their houses after torrential rain hit the island.

Flash floods caused by the heavy overnight rain created huge mudslides coming from the burned mountain areas pushing everything on its way towards the coastline.

Roads have been cut in two, while some have been submerged into the mud, causing huge problems in traffic, according to local media.

The coastline front in Achladia, as well as in Agia Anna, has been devastated, and residents of Kotsikia have seen equipment from their stores and houses float on the shore.

Till Sunday night, the fire brigade continued to pump water from houses.

According to the meteorological forecast, a strong wave of bad weather is expected also later on Monday.

The fire brigade received more than 145 calls for flooded houses and fallen trees in areas hit by the storm.

Government officials visited the affected areas to assess the damages.

"The state, as in other cases, will be by the side of the people affected and will assist in the restoration of these damages," said Christos Triantopoulos, the deputy minister to the prime minister in charge of state aid and recovery from natural disasters.

He added that emergency funding, totaling €20 million ($23.15 million), will be directed to northern Evia.

Since Monday morning, residents of areas affected by the storm were able to submit the relevant documents to receive state aid./aa

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