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    Greenpeace protest blocks Downing Street entrance

06:01 12 October 2021 Author :  

A group of Greenpeace activists staged a protest in front of Downing Street on Monday.

Some of the protesters locked their hands in metal barrels and closed the main road in front of Prime Ministry offices.

Philip Evans, a spokesperson for the group, said they were protesting against an oil drilling project off the cost of Shetland Islands.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Evans said the planet could not afford fossil fuels and they urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to rethink about the Cambo oil field project.

Police cut loose protesters from the barrels with electric saw and arrested at least 10 of them. The main road in Whitehall remains closed until the afternoon hours and traffic was serviced through reduced lane.

The Greenpeace protest came only weeks before a climate summit which will be held in Glasgow in early November. Many world leaders will come together in COP26 to discuss the global heating and precautions to be taken within the next 10 years./aa

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