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Global climate strikes, environmental protests in August 2021

08:27 30 September 2021 Author :  

Strikes, demonstrations and protests for the environment continued across the globe in August, with protesters demanding more decisive action to tackle climate change.

Activists and citizens continued online campaigns and street protests while keeping social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Events included the Fridays for Future protests launched in 2018 by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg and campaigns worldwide against anti-environmental practices and attitudes, including Extinction Rebellion's protests in the UK as well as several virtual climate strikes.

Below is a timeline of protests and demonstrations compiled by Anadolu Agency:

Aug. 6:

- On the first Fridays for Future strike of the month, climate activists and environmental protesters continue to raise awareness about climate change in efforts supported by nonprofits.

- A group of climate activists hold demonstrations to demand action against climate change in the Estonian capital Tallinn and the second largest city Tartu, carrying banners that read “Climate crisis can't hear your empty promises.”

Aug. 9:

- Environmentalists and climate activists say the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report “does not say anything new” as Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg also says on Twitter that it contains no real surprises and confirms what people already know.

- Speaking at a press conference on the IPCC report, Inger Andersen, executive director of UN Development Program, says "Who will act if not we?... Climate change is here now, but we are also here now".

Aug. 13:

- On the second Fridays for Future strike of August, climate activists and environmental protesters continue to raise awareness about climate change and environmental issues.

- Fridays for Future movement calls for aid to protect the Brazil's Pantanal which is the world's largest tropical wetland area.

Aug. 19:

- Environmentalists protest the German government’s climate policies in Berlin as Extinction Rebellion group blocked roads leading to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture building.

Aug. 20:

- Fridays for Future holds third strike of the month with climate activists and environmental protesters raising awareness about climate change and environmental issues.

- On social media, climate activists from Amazon call for help, saying “we want to hear Amazon Voices in the next” Glasgow Climate Change Conference.

Aug. 23:

- Thousands of people fill London's central Trafalgar Square in support of an environmentalist protest demanding government action on global warming and climate issues.

Aug. 24:

- An environmentalist group continues their protest for the second day in central London where at least one protester was arrested by the police.

Aug. 25:

- Hundreds of environmentalist protesters descend on central London on a third day of mass protests planned across the British capital.

Aug. 27:

- On the last Fridays for Future strike of August, climate and environmental activists continue protesting for action on climate change and the environment, demanding more action from world leaders.

- Targeting city’s financial heart, Extinction Rebellion continues their protest in London.

Aug. 31:

- Police in London arrest at least 10 climate change protesters after they blocked a main road in the London Bridge area./aa

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