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Australian Muslim leader calls for a ban on the burqa

09:13 14 February 2017 Author :  

Banning women from wearing the burqa will help prevent terror attacks in Australia and increase national security, a Muslim leader has claimed.

Jamal Daoud, a Sunni Muslim and human rights activist, came out in support for a ban on the burqa this week, claiming only an extreme Islamic minority wear the veil.

Mr Daoud told 7News women are not required to wear a burqa or niqab under Islam and there is 'no mentioning of covering the face in any Quranic verses.'

The political campaigner claimed those who have been charged with terror-related offences almost always have female family members who wear burqa or niqab, and initiating a ban could stop further attacks.

'This will help with security, national security, and preventing terrorist attacks,' he said.

'We support such a move.'

Mr Daoud said he was attacked in a supermarket last year by a person wearing a niqab but police were unable to help because he couldn't provide details on their appearance.

'Police said you can file a statement but because I couldn't identify my attacker they couldn't do anything.'

A ban on the burqa has been called for by several politicians in recent years, with One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson announcing last month she will support the ban if her party wins the Queensland state election.

'You know what I'm going to do, going to investigate?' she said.

'Ban the burqa in government buildings, banks and schools.'

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie proposed a ban on full face coverings last week but the bill will need to win the support of the senate before it is given to the House of Representatives.

'There is a clear national security need to bring in a nationwide ban on all identity concealing garments, unless the wearer has a reasonable and lawful excuse to wear those garments,' she said, according to The Courier Mail.

'And while some small groups of people may make an argument that their right to express their religious feelings or views by wearing identity concealing garments is being limited, the security and the safety of the community must always come first.

'Full face coverings such as helmets, masks, balaclavas and other facial coverings worn in public without good reason, often cause unnecessary fear with the Australian general public.'

Mr Daoud said Muslims are scared to come out in support of a burqa ban if the movement is being headed by right-wing politicians.

If a ban is put into effect in Australia, Mr Daoud said a deradicalisation program must also be introduced to prevent an increase in attacks, like those that have plagued France since its ban was implemented in 2011.

(The Daily Mail)

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