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Birds in Cages

Question: Is one permitted to keep birds in cages, for no other purpose then to keep them as a display…
I am a Muslim woman from Bulgaria. We were living under Communist rule and we did not know anything about…
We do not know of anyone among the Sahaabah (may Allah be pleased with them) who refrained from marriage because…
Question: What is the ruling regarding marriage with the intention to divorce? And if such [a marriage] took place, what…
Question: How do we teach our children the correct ‘aqeedah? Response: [By] teaching them the books of the authentic ‘aqeedah…
Question: He says we should say [صدق الله العظيم] after reading the Qur.aan. Response: There is no evidence for [saying]…

The etiquette of Haj

Q: I am going on Haj this year. What is the spiritual etiquette that one should adopt when staying in…
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