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Egypt NGO Condemns Death Sentences Issued by Coup Military Court to Civilians

21:52 03 March 2016 Author :  

In a statement Wednesday, Egyptian rights organization ECRF rejects the latest batch of death sentences from a military court as extrajudicial killings by the coup regime seeking to eliminate all opposition.

Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedom (ECRF) condemns the life prison terms and death sentences issued Wednesday by Alexandria military criminal court in the Kafr El-Sheikh Stadium case. The court ordered the execution of seven citizens (all civilians) and handed down life sentences to five more, 15-year sentences to two people and 3-year terms to two others.

For its part, ECRF condemns the surge in referrals of civilians to military courts where a fair trial as enshrined in international covenants and treaties as well as Egyptian constitutions and laws is not a possibility. ECRF also denounces the authorities' usurping of citizens' right to appear before their natural judge.

ECRF deems all the military sentences issued Wednesday null and void, since they fail international standards on fair trial.

Those death sentences are nothing more than state-sponsored extrajudicial killings – an integral part of a systematic campaign to execute all the regime's political opponents under the pretext of law.

ECRF urges the implementation of the principles of the Egyptian Constitution and the law, as well as established rules of international law on the right of the accused to appear before an ordinary court in a fair trial, with citizens not referred to trial before military courts ever.

ECRF calls on all local and international human rights organizations to unite and address those daily violations and crimes against the rights of Egyptian citizens, who suffer extreme humiliation and inhuman brutality.

Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedom (ECRF

Cairo: Wednesday - March 2, 2016

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