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    Turkish charity sets up rehabilitation center in Gaza

05:11 24 May 2022 Author :  

Doctors Worldwide, a Turkish medical charity operating in the Palestinian territories, inaugurated a new physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in the Gaza Strip. Turkish volunteer doctors staff the center, which the charity says would provide Palestinians with free and continuous health services.

The organization has been providing health care services to the blockaded region's population in another physiotherapy and rehabilitation center since 2015, it said in a statement.

Doctors Worldwide is the only international medical organization present in Gaza that fields mobile teams to provide at-home care for patients unable to travel to the center. Besides physiotherapy and rehabilitation, it also provides patients with medical treatment for wounds, along with medical counseling and psychological support under its at-home care project.

The organization has provided medical care services for 1,605 people in 21,598 sessions and physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for 1,352 people in 7,805 sessions./aa

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