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    Bangladesh arrests preacher Mufti Zubair Ahmed on charges of terrorism!

12:29 26 September 2021 Author :  

The Bangladesh Anti-Terrorism Unit has arrested the preacher Mufti Zubair Ahmed outside Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport while he was traveling.

The Mufti was famous in the rest of Bangladesh for carrying out his Dawa mission in the field of non-Muslims, as he established a preaching movement working in all parts of Bangladesh to spread the Islamic religion.

This arrest comes within the framework of a series of arrests carried out by Bangladesh against Muslim preachers who have influence in their advocacy and popular surroundings, as well as the agents who speak out against India's killing, torture and persecution of Muslims in it.

It is reported that missionary organizations are evangelizing Muslims in all parts of Bangladesh, through the call to Christianity and the distribution of gifts and financial aid. However, the government does not say anything to them, while it arrests the faithful Muslim preachers because they carry out the mission of Dawa to Allah (SWT). The dangerous thing is that the government arrests them on charges of terrorism, even though they have nothing to do with terrorism.

Written by: Muhammad Shoaib

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