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The gloves of despotism

09:45 09 July 2020 Author :  

Some Arab secular writers and intellectuals come out from time to time to present their views on the analysis of the current situation. These views usually include their analysis of the phenomenon of Arab tyranny. They usually cling the consequences of the phenomenon of tyranny on "political Islam", instead of blaming what they call The Arab renaissance project. The project, which failed in the middle of the last century, and the Arab nation is still suffering from its catastrophic consequences. That project which left an authoritarian coup regimes which still cling their defeats and the failures of their project on the phenomenon of the so-called the "political Islam".

The Arab countries that are controlled by the Arab military junta and tyranny, whatever their position on the Arab geographical map, is the camp that killed the Arab peoples movement and their struggle for liberation and openness to achieve a democratic development project. They suppressed it with bloodshed, fire and prisons, and they still spend billions on that. These Arab intellectuals did not say why they are continuing to support the military coup in Egypt, or why supporting Haftar in Libya, the warlord who committed genocide in Benghazi and Tarhuna, and besieged Tripoli for more than a year cutting off its water and food supplies?!

These people do not criticize the terrorism of the authoritarian states and the military regimes. They rarely criticize the interventions in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Tunisia, and the attempts to weight the military rule over civil rule in Sudan. They also support Assad in Syria, the Transitional Council and Tariq Saleh in Yemen, and the remnants of the former regime in Tunisia.

Some Arab intellectuals want to live under the banner of the Arab military and authoritarian regimes, under the illusion that the Arab Renaissance project could be realized by these corrupted authoritarian regimes.

The revolutions of the Arab peoples have erupted in countries that were ruled by military and authoritarian regimes for decades until the people have few means of livelihood. They were spontaneous revolutions, but they established civil and democratic rule, and invoked for the ballot boxes. In addition, when civil constitutions were woven, the freedoms expanded, justice was established, and development proceeded, some Arab intellectuals rejected them and aligned themselves with the military and tyrants. A coup took place in Egypt, a coup against the revolution in Yemen and Libya, and they let down the Syrian revolution.

Thus, the Arab secular elite supported the return of the military and tyranny in order to exclude "political Islam", and have even gone along with the authoritarian and military regimes in classifying "political Islam" as "terrorism" unjustly and aggressively. They did so because they believed that this would end the peoples ’project to liberate themselves as they chose the path of freedom and development through Islamists.

With the recent defeats of the Arab tyranny and anti-people's freedom camp and its rise in Libya, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen, some authorities have republished some audio recordings of what has been called the "Gaddafi Tent"; which dates back to nearly twenty years.

They released these recordings so that they may find in them the deafening of their violators with terrorism, treason and other accusations that do not stand up to reason and history, nor to the law.

They released these recordings in order that they might find what stigmatizes their opponents of terrorism, treason and other accusations that can stand neither in front of the logic of reason and history, nor in front of law.

The elite secular intellectuals have always used every opportunity to support external interference in their countries, as long as this will help in excluding their competitors who belong to the so-called "political Islam." Thus, they were in a deplorable state of extremism, arbitrariness, injustice, and systematic inequity. Nevertheless, these intellectuals today face the challenges of the rash of the logic of intellectual terrorism, treason, and keeping pace with the dictatorial media and the media of sedition. The awareness of the peoples in developing and ascending.

The Arab and Gulf peoples have discovered - after a decade of the first attempt at civil rule against past tyranny - that the course of the counter-revolution, the rule of tyranny and coups includes within it a group of Arab intellectuals who have become from the past, and that this phenomenon is undoubtedly on the way to extinction.

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