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Coronavirus is not the only crisis facing the Arab regimes

08:52 05 May 2020 Author :  

The sufferings, pandemics, or major changes in human life are usually chances to modify wrong paths in the human life system, or in its political, economic, and social fields. Many systems, policies, and tools are formed based on the results of major events when political systems review their realistic position and future outlook. Today, the coronavirus pandemic comes to afflict the world with uncertainty and test its ability to review all the values and fundamentals of the international socio-economic system. The world seems to be completely impotent in front of this pandemic, waiting for the efforts of researchers, doctors and specialists, to discover a treatment that could stop the invasion of this pandemic and its spread all over the world.

This is a necessary introduction to move to what our Arab world is going through in light of this crisis. Our Arab world extending from the Arab Gulf in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west is not different from the rest of the world in terms of health, political, economic and social impact of this pandemic.

However, the Arab world has been suffering from crisis in its political system for decades. In addition to this health catastrophe, it is still facing weak health system structures, weak social structures represented in the disruption of the justice system, problems of distributing wealth, and widespread of poverty and illiteracy. The Arab system still suffers from characteristics that are different from the international political system, as it is unable to study its new reality, and does not think about reviewing its accounts to find a correct way for a renaissance through investing its economic potentials, social forces, and population structures of young people aspiring to work and change.

Unfortunately, the crisis of this system is still that, at every failure to manage its crises, it attributes his impotence to various illusions and scarecrows, believing that it is thereby not responsible for the weaknesses in the conditions of the Arab region, in terms of health, economic and social structures. The Arab system ascribes its repeated failures to the terror groups, the Muslim Brotherhood, opposition political groups, and even liberal and secular currents and foreign interference.

Instead of reform, the Arab system supports the dictatorships, religious groups affiliated with the its political system, civil wars, fragmenting the geography, economy, and the Arab societies.

The Arab regime, preoccupied with imaginary wars, uses its media to familiarize societies to settle down and submit to a reality of false peace with the Zionist entity. A media that is breaking up the national unity of a deteriorating Arab society and weak intellectual immunity in front of globalization and its products, which has transformed the Arab political system today into quarrelsome masses that neither have a project nor a renaissance to bring them together.


The future of our Arab region is vague and unpromising. This pushes all living forces in these societies to consider making use of the Coronavirus pandemic in order to revitalize and their accounts, for the purpose of considering renaissance partnerships that enable them to develop a new political framework for the region that pushes for an economic, social, health and cultural renaissance, otherwise long decades of disasters may prevail in this century.

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