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Islam ... and "Coronavirus"

13:54 28 March 2020 Author :  

World reports have come to us on China's success in blockading the Corona virus, which has killed 21,116 people worldwide, and has infected 465,274 people - as of this writing, March 26, 2020. But China, due to its promotional policy that is afraid of losing credibility and losing confidence in its consumer products, remains morally unresponsive of its responsibility for this global epidemic, which has had a great impact on human life in this world due to its delay in reporting it to the World Health Organization.

On the other side, we see the pinnacle of human pride and vanity in Europe and the United States, whose leaders thought the epidemic was Chinese, so let the yellow race be a fuel for this disease. And that this virus may distinguish between the white and yellow race, so the warnings came late after the virus killed thousands of people in Europe and the United States because of the foolishness of the wild capitalism, which sees that absorbing human ownership through work and taxes has priority over human life because it serves the capitalist class in its societies. They want to make money at the expense of human life.

In the United States, for example, Trump's ego is still continuing. He reluctantly agreed to stop work for two weeks, but he insists that companies and government businesses open again after these two weeks, whatever the harm, because the basis is the economic output.

In the United States, a trillion and a half trillion dollars were pumped to save Wall Street at the expense of man.

The virus has exposed the flaws of capitalism and the global political system. In the United States, the country cannot provide health care to the entire American people.

So, where is the welfare of the capitalism?! The majority of the American people will be indebted if they try to seek treatment, because everything is done through health insurance, which covers a limited area of US citizens, or through borrowing from the bank, and this installs huge benefits to the borrower. This is the reality of the wild capitalism, which cares only of the material benefits at the expense of human life and profits for capitalists are more important than people.

Private and formal health care simply cannot cope with the crisis.

• 30 million Americans do not have health insurance.

• 15 million of them have private insurance.

• 60 million others have large debts that will make them owe thousands of dollars if they try to seek treatment.

• 45% do not own or save one dollar.

• 24% have less than $ 1,000.

A single visit to the emergency room or the intensive care room for the "Coronavirus” costs $ 10,000 per person, and this threatens to wipe out millions of Americans' savings, and there are 34 million of people in the United States who do not have a single day of paid health leave.

45% of workers in US hotels and catering services only receive sick leave compensation, and they have two options; job loss, or the virus.

Likewise, public schools in the United States, the leader of the global system, have been working because students depend on them for free food; 22 million children in the United States depend on the school food.

700,000 free food receipts will be suspended on April 1, and this may constitute a kind of famine, given that millions of children in the United States are homeless and live in overcrowded shelters, and will be in contact with people who carry the virus, all of this is not equivalent to the value of "Wall Street" ".

"Our democracy and our economy are in great danger if we respond to the demands of the companies with the louder and stronger voices, rather than thinking about who really needs support," says Joseph Estival, Nobel Prize-winning economist.

In fact, the world order today has proven its failure, corruption and disease as it is heading for an economic catastrophe that will become an extreme social pandemic and may turn into an all-out war whose scope is known only to Allah, the almighty, because of the nature and goals of the structure of the world order that leads humanity to the abyss.

1- On the health level, the virus still spreads, wins war, and proves that the strongest minds are unable to solve the dilemma.

2- On the political level, this world order proved its selfishness and failure in cultural leading of the world to confront the war of the tiny creature, and it favored selfishness and national interest.

3- On the moral level, there is no limit to the moral and global failure; every vile abnormality and every sinner is permissible.

4- On the economic level, wild capitalism and its search for benefits and profits are more valuable than human life.

5- On the level of social life, compassion, interdependence and caring for the weak, the poor and the elderly are missing.

The “Coronavirus” revealed the falsity of Western civilizational construction, the political world order, the weak health system in the civilized world, and the decline of social and civil ethics.

But will this lead Muslims to reconsider the depth of their civilized ethics included in their religion, "Great Islam"? Will Muslims be able to advance their civilizational model at, an opportunity that has come, to the world which   is thinking of a comprehensive solution to the possibilities of the fall of the global system and the savage consumer culture of civilization?

On the health level:

Muslims can provide the world with the basics of purity that Muslim children study in their schools and learn in their homes.

Physical and sensory purity established for body hygiene, self-health and refinement.

Today, we need Muslim jurists, thinkers and doctors to launch a "Civilizational Health in Islam" initiative Which is mainly based on " Purity and disposal of filth". Islam has provided consistent teachings about caring for the body and the cleanliness of clothing and places.

These instructions laid down a healthy basis for confronting any disease and virus of any kind and source. Islam has provided a model for the good that humanity must address, the malice and taboo that it should leave in the diet of a Muslim, and healthy manners for food, drink, clothing and adornment.

On the economic level:

  Islam has established the laws of humanity to buy and sell. Buying and selling are permissible but usury is prohibited. Islam has set the rules of work and acceptable earning and presented a model of a balanced economy that establishes ownership, liberates markets, and controls them with morals, away from deception, false “forbidden” gain, fraud and monopoly. But it also places a social responsibility on the investor and imposes zakat on his money.

On the social level:

Islam urged interdependence, cooperation, love, fraternity, and acquaintance between humanity, and Allah’s fear in dealing with people is the criterion of human dignity, so Islam does not leave a need without society cooperating in order to fulfill it.

And there is no class above another class in the human society that Islam creates, regardless of their colors, language, gender, or religion.

The language of equality, love and dignity that the civilizational principles of Islam is ready to tackle global social shock.

On the mental health level:

• The Islamic belief that is based on the fact that destiny is written, good and bad, and that Muslims accept Allah’s judgment according to his will, and that death does come on its definite time without delay, a doctrine that nourishes the human spirit with reassurance, comfort and happiness.

And if we that whosoever ends the day feeling family security and good health; and possessing provision for his day is as though he possessed the whole world." Without a struggle for money, material, without fear, or panic from hunger, the human spirit becomes safe and secure. What high mental health that Islam establishes in people's lives?

So, who will address this task "the task of informing the world that Islam has a comprehensive solution to the collapsing civilized life system in the world?"

And in the coming days, it will prove that the western civilized system led by the United States and the West will collapse, and a new world order will emerge, and this is an opportunity for Muslims to offer the world the most precious treasure for humanity, "Great Islam." We have hundreds of Islamic, Arab and European organizations specializing in Islamic civilizational thought and Sharia research, whether these organizations are official or private.

We invite the Islamic Organization for Science and Culture and the Union of Islamic Universities and Islamic Institutions to do the duty of time.

Mankind has gone through three civilized waves: the stage of agriculture, the stage of the industrial revolution, and then finally the technical wave of "bits", so can Muslims offer humanity the fourth wave? The wave of "the world of values"; as each of the great values of Islam has a material and moral weight equal to all the gains of capitalism and the technique of "bits" and their civilization, and mankind can transform these values into a tradable "civilized commodity" in order to achieve the well-being and happiness of humanity.


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