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“Al-Mujtama” 50 years of struggle

10:48 10 March 2020 Author :  
A difficult half-century equation since the birth of “Al-Mujtama” magazine

The care of Allah was primarily shading this work and this useful Knowledge for Muslims. There were sincere efforts, and sincere hearts stand behind this great effort of the history of thought, analysis and Islamic culture, the efforts of those who successively served as editors in chief. In addition, each of them had his clear fingerprints in directing its paths towards its Islamic goals. Brother Mishari Al-Baddah (Abu Osama), may Allah have mercy on him, the first to serve, as an editor in chief for the Magazine on March 17, 1970 AD, until the end of the year 1975 AD, was able, with his colleagues, to put it in the ranks of Islamic magazines and make Islamic thought interact with the society’s movement on its pages. Mr. Badr Al-Qassar (Abu Ahmad), who took over the editorial office from January 1976 to October 1979, moved it up to make it an integrated version in which the jurisprudence of Da`wa interacts with the issues of the Islamic community.

During the editorial office of Dr. Ismail Al-Shatti (Abu Abdullah), from October 1979 until 1992 AD, the magazine expanded and increased its production, interacting with the universality of its idea and its impact on local politics.  The efforts of Dr. Muhammad Al-Busairi (Abu Abdullah), who took over its editor-in-chief from December 15, 1992, to 2009 AD, resulted in the brilliance of its universality. It also resulted in the penetration of international politics through its impact, and the magazine distribution expanded to reach to more than 120 Islamic and non-Islamic countries, and its readership increased to be more than a quarter of a million readers. Behind all these blessed efforts stood the care of the father of all Mr. Abdullah Ali Al-Mutawa (Abu Badr), may Allah have mercy on him, who throughout this period supported his sons editors-in-chief and staff of the magazine with his sincere effort and guidance from its local establishment until it reached its universality.

Since Mr. Hammoud Al-Roumi (Abu Muhammad), took over its editor-in-chief, from 2009 until the end of 2014 AD, the magazine has been marching amongst the storms of changes in the region, but he has directed its management safely in an ocean of media difficulties.

The magazine entered in 2012   the world of global electronic competition and it could rise in the competition and progress ladder. The global magazine ranking rose from the position (8 million) to reach (22.968) worldwide and locally from (10.459) to become the news site no. (5) in Kuwait among the newspapers and magazines at the end of February 2020. .

“Al-Mujtama” magazine, which carried the Islamic thought, fought difficult battles and dealt with conflicting interests. Jumping over these equations, turning around them, and bearing the consequences of what resulted in needed difficult effort and complicated work. To deal with the dangers of the international politics in order to show its negative impact on Muslim countries in the region, to stand with Muslims in their just causes, criticize the policy of double standards, stand with human rights, freedoms and justice, we needed - and still need - tremendous efforts. We also needed tremendous efforts and appropriate language, to ensure our honest word and balanced opinion will reach our readers. We have made a lot of efforts in order not to violate the laws of the press, get rid of the extravagance of antagonism, and the inciting of the envious, until our publication reaches smoothly and safely to the homes of our esteemed readers. It is an arduous and difficult journey starts with thinking of the word, formulating it, printing it and issuing it. We have endured this suffering for half a century.  

No one can deny the role of its great writers who contributed to writing in it from its inception until today. Some of those have died, and some are still alive, and still struggling and wrestling secularism with wisdom and good instruction. For those dead and living among them – those to whom we wish good and acceptable deeds - have had roles that were not hidden to anyone. It is the history of the sincere and striving word for the movement of religion in Islamic society.

We owe to our esteemed readers of “Al-Mujtama” magazine, who followed it while they were still young, grew up with it, and realized its importance. “Al-Mujtama” drew its words in their hearts, enlightened their minds with its distinguished thought, and inflamed their emotions and feelings towards their brothers. They have communicated through their pages with Muslims everywhere and have grown up side by side with their emotions and feelings of faith.

“Al-Mujtama” magazine has grown up with them to become a “story” that the generations of the Islamic awakening recounted. A “story” about the struggle of their magazine and its persistence on the word of truth in the seas of troubled international and local politics, and in the midst of the rivalries of hypocrites and violators.


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