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The Silent school

11:54 29 December 2019 Author :  

On Tuesday, December 24, 2019, my brother, the patient long-suffering preacher Mr. Walid Al-Meer, passed, may Allah have mercy on him and raise his rank in paradise.

He suffered patiently during the days of his illness despite the severe unbearable pain that hurt him, but he remained steadfast, believing in the mercy of Allah.

Brother Walid Al-Meer, may Allah have mercy on him, started his work since the founding of the Social Reform Society in Kuwait in 1963 AD, with his companion Mr. Khaled Al-Qattan, while they were still young in the blessed call of the Social Reform Society. Only death separated them. I ask Allah to prolong the life of my elder brother Khaled Al-Qattan, improve his work and his conclusion. Surely, Allah has blessed their work and role in raising generations of youths.

Brother Walid al-Meer, may Allah have mercy on him, had a great influence on the youths by transferring the scout's arts, skills and manliness to the youth. This school produced men who got rid of the smoothness of the luxurious life that affected Kuwaiti society.

He and a few of his brothers established a youth center for the Social Reform Society in the mid-1970s. A center to which the blessed Da’wa youths reside, and his efforts in Da`wa and education were serious and significant, and it resulted in a generation received the service and influence centers in the Kuwaiti society.

His membership on the Board of Directors of the Kuwaiti Social Reform Society for many years also had a role in developing its institutional work and managing administrative and financial management matters there. His fingerprints were evident in the establishment of the "Islamic World Committee" specialized in the charitable work in 1983. The one that has grown and evolved into the Kuwaiti Mercy International today.

I have accompanied him many years; I saw him closely, a silent working person. However, our relationship has been strengthened since the liberation of Kuwait in 1991. He was my supporter in the magazine "Al-Mujtama", where he managed its financial and administrative affairs until his retirement because of illness.

All of this work is on one hand, and his silent, calm work, his smiling face, his ability to solve and simplify the problems, his open horizons of ambition and optimism in all the situations in which he lived on the other hand. He stood, as a teacher and role model for all of us, loved by all his brothers for his gentleness, his humility and his relentless pursuit of unity of word. Therefore, the Da`wa will miss an important man by his departure.

The man, about 56 years, spent all of that activity and continuous work from 1963 to 2019 AD, silently and calmly without advertising, propaganda or noise. The man spent his life without pretending precedence in work, competition in leadership, or responsibility. However, he has embodied morality, responsibility, sacrifice and loyalty, and his works placed him simply as a crown on the heads of preachers.

Brother Walid Al-Meer, may Allah have mercy on him, represents an unmatched model in the world of preachers, so we offer our condolences to his wife, children, family and loved ones.   We sadly miss you, Abu Khali.


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