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The Islamic movement & the fictional mold

13:05 03 January 2023 Author :   Salem Hamad Al-Qahtani*

In contrast to many movements that ignite wars with whoever deviates from their framework, the Islamic movement is distinguished by its cordial relationships with those outside it and those who chose to deviate from its path and approach. Thanks to the Islamic Movement's unique fraternal and religious aspects.    

This advantage, however, is not always met with loyalty from those who left the Islamic movement. Those who have been repeating a series of incoherent accusations levelled against the movement that are inconsistent with reality, while acknowledging that the Islamic movement is not without flaws. We're dealing with false accusations from people who were once partners in decision-making and influence.

One of the most well-known of these false allegations is that the movement binds and shapes its members into a mold or a stereotype, preventing them from thinking outside of this mold and that anyone who leaves the movement frees themselves from the movement's limiting constraints and soars into the boundless universe!

This erroneous claim is indisputably unsupported by logic or truth, for a number of reasons, including:

First, members of any organized business in any field are linked by a set of general frameworks, systems, and regulations that govern the nature of their interactions with one another as well as with the institution/team/group to which they belong. This is not stereotyping, but rather an organization striving to achieve its objectives by putting forth its best efforts. The Islamic Movement is no exception in this regard, and this is what its members believe.

Second, the presence of Shura councils that regulate and monitor these relationships distinguishes the Islamic movement from many other movements. Shura is the foundation of the Islamic movement, and everyone must follow its decisions. However, it should be noted that individuals have not been deeply rooted in the jurisprudence of Shura. You'll find them disagreeing with the majority's opinion if it doesn't agree with their whims, and they avoid collective action by accusing the majority of false accusations to justify their actions, such as stereotyping and herd politics...etc.

Third, what the Islamic Movement demands its followers to do does not go beyond what any collective action is upright in the manner that we referred to previously. As for the rest of the matters, they have the freedom of choice. The movement does not oblige them, for example, to a specific jurisprudential school of thought; Rather, it respects the jurisprudence of difference, so no one denies anything that falls within the scope of the considered jurisprudential dispute.

Fourth, the fact that the Islamic Movement abounds in scholars who have filled the world with knowledge and movement in all political, economic, intellectual, and advocacy fields is the clearest response to this charge. Just have a look at Chancellor Abdullah Al Aqeel's book "Celebrities of the Contemporary Islamic Da'wah and Movement" to see the great wealth in the movement's sons, whose fields and specializations varied and who spent their lives among the great celebrities of the da'wah.

Fifth, we expected to find from those who made false accusations against the movement that made them symbols and icons, a trace of their departure after breaking the “imaginary” molds. But what happened is the opposite, which is that many of those who were extremely renowned while they were part of the movement, their spark died out and their fame evaporated after they left the movement and no one heard of them anymore. Although what was expected was the opposite after getting rid of the alleged restrictions that were restricting them!

Sixth, if the situation were as they claim, the Islamic movement would have retreated and fragmented, and Islam's enemies would not have resorted to fighting it with all of their weapons everywhere.

Seventh, the Islamic Movement's accomplishments in various fields are the most effective response to these false accusations. Perhaps the special file presented in this issue by Al-Mujtama magazine, which tracks the losses suffered by societies due to the absence of Islamists, is evidence of this.

Perhaps the foregoing would be the protective shields of the Islamic movement in the face of the friendly fire that rained down on it from those who were once its righteous sons, and it expected them to defend it in the face of the fierce campaigns that came from all sides.


*Editor-in-Chief of The Kuwaiti “Al-Mujtama” Magazine

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